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SP2 JAM-UP- MS does it again

By ergo ·
We are unable to be certain but our previously perfectly running computer has slowed to a crawl.
It appears to have auto installed SP-2 and since it is our main comp in Office is most annoying.

Our techs tell us that this is a common phenomenon with SP-2, but I cant believe it.

It appears that an A something program is always running in the background and chewing up processor speed.

Can I just rip out SP-2 and is this an SP-2 problem?

I just read an article slamming you guys about your criticism of Microsoft, but there are a lot of users upset over here.


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by ReWrite In reply to SP2 JAM-UP- MS does it ag ...

I would question the "a something" app. If you can see it in task manager and see that it is the app that is using all the processing time then shut it down and see what happens. Check with msconfig and disable it from your startup.

Post back here with more details on this phantom app. It might be spyware or a virus or, if it is a valid app it might be misconfigured.



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by EdLockett In reply to SP2 JAM-UP- MS does it ag ...

Also I think it is worth noting that it is not possible for SP2 to be auto-installed. It requires a user with administrative privileges to agree to the EULA first.

Your problem is far more likely to be caused by some sort of malware.

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by rindi1 In reply to SP2 JAM-UP- MS does it ag ...

This happened on one of my PCs. It normally is easy to uninstall SP2 (control panel, add remove programs, move down to sp2 and select remove). Do that preferably in safe mode, as the PC will be running at an acceptable speed then. Before uninstalling SP2, think of adding some RAM, this can make a real big differance in peformance, and ram is cheap.

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by ergo In reply to SP2 JAM-UP- MS does it ag ...

The a something program is AVX.EXE
when task stopped it restarts itself
adware/spyware program doesnt pick it up
misconfig doesnt work as it doesnt show up in startup.
all3 answers were tried prior to submission of question.
any thoughts

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by ergo In reply to SP2 JAM-UP- MS does it ag ...

See my note below
The process is avw.exe
It is not located by adware or spyware
It does not respond to end task
It cannot be seen using misconfig
It is not listed in Symantec Lists

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