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    SP2 & Slowness


    by ghlbeyerlein ·

    I was linked to the following article via’s Open Forum:,39020396,39165428,00.htm. I was wondering if anyone else was having problems with SP2.

    My mother-in-law’s Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop seemed to take the update to SP2 fine. However, when the CPU driver was updated, the laptop slowed down to ~300 MHz, instead of the 2.4 GHz it was rated at.

    The article above and the linked thread in it helped me resolve this issue. However, I wasn’t sure how widespread this is. Granted, the Inspiron 1150 probably is not deployed in many companies and agencies, but for home, student and teacher usage, this could impact quite a few people.

    Anyone else experiencing SP2-woes? Were fixes available? If so, care to share?

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      XP Service Pack 2

      by ccross ·

      In reply to SP2 & Slowness

      I have a Dell Inspiron 1000, it came with XP Home, and I installed service pack 2, for some reason, when i use the Internet Explorer or Mozilla I get an error the my security setting are set wrong and it can not display directx content, and then locks up the explorer, I have check my IE’s settings and everything looks okay, can anyone give me any help.

      Email me with any help, thanks

      Charles Cross

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