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SP2 upgrade error message

By aszunick ·
After installing the SP2 upgrade to WIN XP PRO, I rebooted and found the following error message. "gearsec has encountered a problem and needs to close". Originally I found gearsec in the startup tab of the System Config. Utility. I removed it from that window as per the instructions I receive from Gear Software. However, the error message continues to show on bootup. Gear Software ignors my email asking for additional instructions. I feel that it's probably...but not sure, a registry problem.
I'm not qualified to edit the registry and hesitate to try.
Any suggestions or solutions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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by BFilmFan In reply to SP2 upgrade error message

If you are not comfortable editing the registry, then it is time to take it to an expert.

Drop it off at the local computer service center you trust and let them fix the issue.

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by aszunick In reply to

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by ReWrite In reply to SP2 upgrade error message

I think that gearsec is related to driveimage (and maybe itunes and quicktime). If you have any of these apps installed then uninstall them and reinstall them to see if the error goes away.

BTW, what did gear software tell you to do?



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by aszunick In reply to

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You're right. I did as you recommended and everything seems to be working properly now. Your input is appreciated.
Gear softwaare would not answer my email's. Perhaps they need some tech support from India.

Thank You for your help.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to SP2 upgrade error message

you may find that uninstalling the incompatible app post sp2 will not yield joy. the real fix is to back out of the sp2, uninstall the offending apps and reinstall sp2. ha ha ha. excuse me. i would just peek into the registry as you suggest and see if i can ditch the offending entry. just don't change anything you are not pretty sure about because as you know you don't get prompted to save the changes they are saved without you agreeing, so to speak. the other thing you can try is to get hands on copy of msconfig from windows 2000 system and use that to help you get stuff disabled at startup.
you can edit the registry if you back it up first. practice backing it up and restoring it. it will be ok. you can do it. the places you want to check for stuff starting up is local machine/software/microsoft/windows/currentversion/Run and RunOnce and similar. cmon guys, help her out?

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by aszunick In reply to

Thanks for the response. I've really got to read up on editing the registry. RW's suggestion to uninstall and reinstall the software did work, but I thank you for your suggestions. I'm sure it would have cured the problem if I had gone that route.

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by aszunick In reply to SP2 upgrade error message

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