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sp2 w/sygate, nod32b, adaware? any help?

By bbirch ·
turned off au and have not installed xp home sp2.
i have all the latest versions of the following applications on my computer ( computer purchased new in may, 2004 ): sygate personal firewall 5.5, nod32b, and adaware. all my ms windows updates are current.

** my question: will i get a clean install of xp home edition sp2?

any assistance is greatly appreciated. in advance, thank you very much.

bill b.

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Microsoft lists SP2 conflicts

by sleepin'dawg In reply to sp2 w/sygate, nod32b, ada ...

I rec'd this yesterday and happened to see your post so decided to send it to you. Why be a guinea pig for Microsoft. Like everything they put out it's riddled with glitches. Take your time and in about six months or so Microsoft will have patched most of the more obvious holes so that it might be safe then but don't bet on it. You might consider changing that Sygate firewall as they aren't making any claims for its adaptibility but ZoneAlarm does and its most recent version got top ratings.

Microsoft lists SP2 conflicts
By Matt Hines
August 16, 2004, 6:59 AM PT

Microsoft has issued a list of nearly 50 software applications and
games that may encounter problems with its Windows XP Service Pack 2
In a document published in the "Knowledge Base" section of the
company's Web site, Microsoft details the various issues that people
may face when they install the SP2 package, which was released to PC
manufacturers earlier this month. A range of applications are listed
in the Microsoft report, including several of the software maker's
own products, along with antivirus tools, Web server software and a
handful of games.
Among the primary issues Microsoft highlights in the article are
glitches related to the relationship between its Windows firewall
system, which is automatically turned on as a security default by
SP2, and many of the listed programs. According to the document, the
updated firewall may prevent computers from properly connecting to
outside networks, limiting systems' abilities to effectively receive
data. Some of the problems caused by the update include issues with
remote desktops, file sharing, e-mail notifications and online
multiplayer games.

Among the most high-profile products listed on the Microsoft
document are antivirus applications from Symantec, network
management software made by Computer Associates International, and
multimedia tools from Macromedia. Microsoft also acknowledges that
several of its own products, including Visual Studio .Net,
Operations Manager, SQL Server and Systems Management Server
software, must be tweaked to work properly with SP2.
Microsoft has already warned that customers using Microsoft Business
Solutions CRM Sales for Outlook 1.2 will encounter problems with the
software if they install SP2. Microsoft posted a patch to its Web
site that it says fixes the problem.
Corporate users have publicly aired concerns regarding the update,
with some companies, including IBM, telling their employees to hold
off on installing the service package until all of its ramifications
can be better understood. However, others have said that the
benefits of SP2's updated security features outweigh any immediate
administrative concerns caused by the release.
Some companies have already begun informing their customers of
problems related to SP2, including online auctioneer eBay, which has
posted details of two known issues on a customer support area of its
Web site. According to eBay, some features of its toolbar
application will not work after installing SP2, and its Enhanced
Picture Service will not work at all.

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