SP3 - IE7, Firefox and Windows Live Messenger

By lab99a ·
I've have a real strange issue; SP3 was forced upon me by windows update, thats right, I was not given the cusotm option to deselect SP3, it just installed it... here is the problem.

Zone Alarm quit working after the SP3 install so I switched to Avast and Comodo.. Avast worked fine but with Comodo my ability to go to websites through IE7 became problamatic, I could disable Comodo and everything seeemed to work. I installed PCTools firewall which btw works great, no issues, now when I open IE7 and or Firefox I can go to sites, if I start Windows Live Messenger IE7 and Firefox stop working, page not found or network connection errors. Everything else that needs or wants Internet access works such as outlook, outlook express, windows update through help and support, etc. I can shut down WLM, wait a minute and IE7 and Firefox work fine.

Anyone have any ideas on this one?

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How badly do you want Windows Live Messenger?

by nepenthe0 In reply to SP3 - IE7, Firefox and Wi ...

It looks as thought you have identified the culprit. Why not visit the Windows Components Add/Remove menu and uncheck Windows Messenger?

Rick/Portland, OR

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Found Other Things

by lab99a In reply to How badly do you want Win ...

After my initial posting I found that it is not only WLM but any application, such as Limewire or for that matter almost any application that wants Internet access causes IE7 and Firefox to not work.

If I load an app that wants Internet access and there are many of them that ask for access that I have no idea why consequently I deny that access. When I do this the browsers stop working.

The whole problem though I've discovered, has to do with the firewall application. I thought PCTools firewall wasn't the culprit because disabling it didn't give me access to the web through the browsers however I did discover that if I disabled it and waited 2 or 3 minutes, no matter what application was all browsers worked.

It is not just PCTools firewall; I've tested it with Zone Alarm and Comodo and the same thing happens. Everything worked properly with SP2 and I would love to go back to SP2 however uninstalling SP3 taking the system back to a pre SP3 state is virtually impossible.

Please note, this install of XP is a clean install from about a week and a half ago and doing another fresh install at this point is not a viable alternative as this is my main worksataion.

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Your instincts are probably correct

by nepenthe0 In reply to SP3 - IE7, Firefox and Wi ...

If you want your stable SP2 configuration back, you will need to reinstall it. It may take you a couple of hours to do this. These are the steps:

1. Back up all data files to an external hard drive, USB flash drive, or CD

2) Run the Windows Files & Settings Transfer Wizard (on the old computer), save this folder to an external hard drive, USB flash drive, or CD

3) To do a thorough wipe of the hard drive, download Darik's Boot & Nuke:

4) Create a bootable CD from the iso file with CDBurnerXP:

5) Follow the excellent documentation from CDBurnerXP to create a bootable CD. Note that both Darik's Boot & Nuke and CDBurnerXP are freeware.

6) Reinstall Windows SP2
7) Reinstall your applications

Run the Windows Files & Settings Transfer Wizard in reverse to restore your prior settings and tweaks.

9) Restore your data files
10) Obtain an imaging application such as Norton Ghost:

11) Create an image of your C drive to an external hard drive for safekeeping

12) If you're brave, try reinstalling SP3
13) If SP3 works, you're sitting pretty

14) If SP3 doesn't work, boot from the Ghost CD and restore the computer from the SP2 saved image.

Rick/Portland, OR

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