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By ds ·
I have several W2K computers that after installing the Hotfixes and SP4 the USB devices have yllow exclamation marks that I can't get fixed. The devices are USB Scanner, Tape Drivers and printers. I have tried reinstalling the drivers but nothing seems to work.


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by ReWrite In reply to SP4 AND USB

If the usb ports have yellow exclamation marks next to them in the hardware configuration screen then they are not being recognized by the system. The first thing that I would do is check the system manufacturer's website for the latest bios updates and upgrade the bios' in these machines. I have had to do this in the past when new service packs are installed.

Let us know if this is possible and if it works. If not, then post back with additional information regarding type of system, cpu, memory and peripheral brands.



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by willcomp In reply to SP4 AND USB

Open Device Manager, select each USB Root hub, and view listings under Power tab for each root hub. See if USB devices are recognized.

If so, shutdown computer, disconnect USB devices, restart computer, connect each USB device one at a time allowing time for driver to load.

Rate this answer and provide results.


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by ds In reply to SP4 AND USB

The for the answers I will try them om Monday and repost.

Thanks again

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by rindi1 In reply to SP4 AND USB

Apart from answer one also download the windows drivers for your chipset and install them as well.

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by hughiemcginley In reply to SP4 AND USB

Your problem may not be with win2k. Try updating the chipset drivers on your motherboard.. If it is a via chipset they have a good set of drivers at or if it is intel I have solved some usb problems this way

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