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Space & The Neverending Battle: Free Physical Memory vs. Microsoft Updates.

By cdwright1 ·
I have a little Acer Aspire One notebook pc. It came installed with Microsoft.NET Frameworks 1.1 and 2.0. All I use this little pc for is web surfing, watch movies, e-mail, and I print things off it now and again. Do I really need to add these updates- Microsoft.NET Frameworks 3.0 & 3.5

Every little bit of space I have on this little hard drive is precious! I didn't see anything of note/interest in the update descriptions that correlate with my (my pc) needs.

I do download/install all my other programs onto the memory card to keep my hard drive uncluttered, as well as my personal things.

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suck it up.

by Jaqui In reply to Space & The Neverending B ...

the updates likely have some security implications so would be a good idea.

the other option is to get a *x os tuned to use less space and run the hardware.

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Like Jaqui implies

by santeewelding In reply to Space & The Neverending B ...

Learn a whole lot more about it, rather than to ask the casual, offhand question, in order for someone else to make up your mind about it.

Reminds me directly about what happened hereabouts the other day. A two-year-old choked to death. The only parental response was to call **1. Took eight minutes for help to arrive on account of fire department "brownouts", wherein a station just down the street had no unit to send -- they were off in another part of town covering budgetary curtailment of services.

Choking is a right-now affair. Wouldn't matter if help were 60 seconds away. You know how to do, you do, or they die.

In order to do as Jaqui implies, learn.

Compared to Jaqui, I know squat. But, I do know enough to have answered you before he did. It's just that I dismissed you as "another one of them".

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External drive for data, dude.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Space & The Neverending B ...
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It isn't the updates which take so much space.

by seanferd In reply to Space & The Neverending B ...

It is the uninstallers. Use this:
which will help get rid of temp files and other junk.

Check the box labeled "Hotfix Uninstallers" to get rid of all the backup files.

Don't leave it permanently checked for normal use - only check the box to get rid of uninstallers once you are sure you don't need to uninstall any patches (say, if you system isn't having any issues a week after Patch Tuesday, go ahead and remove the uninstallers).

.NET: I don't use it at all. If you aren't running any applications which require it, uninstall the whole thing. I'm not sure how much bulk the updates really add, they mostly replace files, so the updates themselves, again, shouldn't really take up a whole lot more disk space.

Any way you slice it, don't pay attention to the update download size - it isn't a good indicator at all as to how much more space, if any, the updates will use once installed.

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by santeewelding In reply to It isn't the updates whic ...

Is my friend, too. I took the trouble to learn its ins and outs, along with staunching hypovolemia.

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Never heard it used that way.

by seanferd In reply to piriform

I like it.

Now, when a system is so low on disk space that applications cannot function normally, I can say that it has succumbed to hypovolemic shock.

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by cdwright1 In reply to piriform

What is piriform?

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