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By i_sureshbabu ·
Hello All,
We are running windows 2003/Exchange serve 20003 with Service pack1.
We are getting spam emails, How to prevent spam emails.
One of My friend is suggested about" POSTINI" .
Before moving forward i need the info. If any one knows how to stop spam emails. POSTINI is the best solution? Or any other way we can stop- Please share with me

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by Dr Dij In reply to Spam Email

postini - brightmail, several others outside services that use multiple spam and a/v filters. may be the best way, probably not cheapest per user. but you make up with never having to fool around with spam filters, users with way fewer viruses / trojan, etc, so save alot of admin time.

you simply point your server to pickup email from the outside service, which get the mail from end users.

I'm sure there'll be those who disagree with me and want to wrestle endlessly with spam filters.

we have a barracuda spam appliance. we still get obvious spam 'mentions Oprah with !' is in a rule barracuda appended to a recent spam I got. I'm not sys admin for this. It ranked 2 points for this rule. spam would have to reach 7 points for me not to get it. so I still get obnoxious spam and net admin hasn't set it correctly to filter them. (it may be blocking many I DON'T see)

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by CG IT In reply to Spam Email

install Exchange SP2 and Office 2003 SP2 which has spam/phising filters for Outlook.

here's a link for Exchange SP2

here's the Office link for SP2

after all that, might be time to consider an anti-spam device between the network and the internet.

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by lhatcher In reply to Spam Email

We have been using Postini for over a year now. Its a great solution. While they do not catch everything, it will catch alot.

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by i_sureshbabu In reply to Spam Email

Thanks for all the input.
I will try to install service pack2.
Is any major issues with implementing like OWA, other issues.
I will follow micosoft notes. Whar are the steps need to take care before moving forward
Please advice.
thanks for all your help

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by AndeAnderson In reply to Spam Email

I have found it virtually impossible to stop SPAM email because each solution contains some limitation or quirk.

The most versatile solution I have found is a little program called QURB. It uses the end users Contact List to determine if the email is acceptable or SPAM and it can be programmed for other specific domains for filtering.

It stores all filtered messages in a "Quarantine Folder" for review or deletion after a specific number of days.

It can be found at:

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