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Spam Filter programs

By dhyre ·
Hello. I am currently looking for some advice on some Spam Filter software and/or appliances for the company I work for. We are currently using Symantec's Mail Security v. 5.04, however I have not found this to be very user friendly, and it certainly seems like we spend a lot of time administrating it. Overall, the end users, specifically the owner, are not happy with this solution.

I know that Spam as a whole is a huge issue worldwide, and that some spam showing up in email boxes should be expected, however there has to be something that works better than this program.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

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Let someone else do it

by Churdoo In reply to Spam Filter programs

If you don't want to fiddle with software, then consider engaging a third party spam filtering house.

This has the following benefits:
1) you don't have to mess with software
2) cost is typically monthly as opposed to a software or appliance purchase
3) MX records point to the Service, therefore increasing security by giving your email server a bit of anonymity from hackers/spammers
4) you can modify your edge firewall and/or mail server(s) to accept inbound mail only from the Service's IP's, giving you even greater security
5) since spam and virus-laden messages are stopped at the Service, then much less of your own bandwidth is wasted transporting spam
6) the Service will have multiple mail servers, adding redundancy to your mail stream
7) the Service will automatically queue up inbound email if your server and/or connection goes down, and will deliver when you're back up
did I mention you don't have to mess with software?

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Thanks for the suggestion

by dhyre In reply to Let someone else do it

Thanks for the suggestion. The company I work for did this previously, however was adamant about bringing it in-house. So while this solution has multiple benefits, it does not work for this situation. Thanks again!

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If you don't want to outsource

by AV . In reply to Spam Filter programs

Sometimes companies don't want their mail going through 3rd party services. If your company is like that (mine is), take a look at GFI Mail Essentials. We've been using it for years and it works well.

You still have to spend time administering it though, if you keep your spam filter in-house. If you take the time initially to set it up (whitelists, etc.), its very effective. The Bayesian filter catches most of the spam. Support is good.

Check it out.


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Thanks for the suggestion

by dhyre In reply to If you don't want to outs ...

Thanks for the suggestion. I will check into this solution. Thanks!

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"Symantec's Mail Security v. 5.04"

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Spam Filter programs

By that, are you referencing Brightmail products?

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by dhyre In reply to "Symantec's Mail Security ...

Boxfiddler - I am not sure I understand what you are stating. Please provide a bit more detail as to what you are talking about.


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by Richdoode In reply to Spam Filter programs

I have used the Fortimail by Fortinet and when coupled with the subscription the cost is low and very little maintenance is needed once setup. It doesn't matter what kind of email server you are using either.

I like that you can archive email as well. With all the regulations out there this was a necessity for our company.

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Thanks for the suggestion

by dhyre In reply to Fortimail

Thanks for the suggestion Richdoode. I will check into this solution as well. Thanks!

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We use

by cmiller5400 In reply to Spam Filter programs

We use IronMail. It sends an e-mail to the end user letting them know that it has a quarantined message. The end user has the option to release the message if it is legitimate from a webserver.

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SpamFilter ISP - flat price

by roberto In reply to Spam Filter programs

SpamFilter ISP - - has tons of filtering options and retails for only $600, regardless on the number of users.

Furthermore, for the next couple of days there is also a free daily license giveaway on the website for the SpamFilter Enterprise line of products. Solve a riddle, get a free license. The giveaway link is on all pages of the site.

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