Spam from Smart Money Equities

By iokten ·
..has anybody been receiving emails for Stock recommendations? do you stop receiving this spam from Smart Money Equities? I am receiving tons of stock recommendations from different senders but I found out all are generated from a company called Smart Money Equities but no contact information...
thank you...

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Yes I've been getting my fair share

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Spam from Smart Money Equ ...

I just add them to my Spam Filter and have them deleted so they become a non issue. Though with this crowd they tend to change senders on a fairly regular basis so you will have to continually keep adding new senders as they become available.

You could use message Rules and Block Sender if you are not using any form of Spam Filter.


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Every Day

by akw In reply to Spam from Smart Money Equ ...

Yes, I have been getting these unsolicited email every day. It's not even addressed to me, just different names that start with "A" @ my ISP. If you hear of any way to stop this, please let me know and I will do the same.


Bad Andy

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by dscott In reply to Spam from Smart Money Equ ...

I get about 10-15 emails per day from them and about 20 from an unknown group. Please if you find out how to to off their list let us all know.

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There's a simple but long term way to stop spam

by howmanytimes In reply to Spam from Smart Money Equ ...

The spam issue is going to take a long time to address and will require a great deal of discipline. But here's the solution.

On receiving a spam mail, highlight in your email client and press delete.

For extreme measures make a mental note not to use the company for any reason.

Don't install spam filters/White lists unless they are free.

-There's a simple logic here if the spam doesn't help them make money they will stop paying people/investing time to do it.

Don't reply, don't take any action as this just confirms a human is reading and validates the spam in their tiny minds.

Don't pay for anti spam services, these companies have a vested interest in seeing spam continue however if it's free go ahead (and consider that if they generate money from ads etc -that is not free for the purposes of this assault on spam)

Specifically with regard to the stocks, remember and warn your friends these guys are not listed they are over the counter, either the company is so desperate that they are reduced to this final death throw or someone has bought a bunch of cheap stocks and is trying to make a buck with inflated claims.

I'm sure I'll generate all kinds of flames but the simple measures work best. Spam is an attempt to generate money, if it fails to do so it will cease to happen, eventually.

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Huh! I might be dumb, but I don't get it!

by jacqfelis In reply to There's a simple but long ...

"highlight in your email client and press delete."

My computer experience is a bit limited, so I am not sure quite what you mean by this. On my setup, I run all my e-mails through Mailwasher before I download them, so I get rid of them first. My experience with these "Smart Money Equities" people was odd - I thought at first that I had brought it on myself as I was all over the net a while back
while I was considering some stock purchases
and I thought I might have subscribed somehow, but the penny dropped when I couldn't find a way to unsubscribe. I agree with everyone else; these people are bugs and should be sqashed! Any bright ideas anybody?

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Well smart guy....the flaws in your logic

by JamesRL In reply to There's a simple but long ...

I've never bought anything from a spammer. And yet here it is 13 years since I started, and I get more than ever.

Spammers don't need many customers to make it economically viable. When they buy customer email addresses for pennies, and can set up a spamming program on a cheap PC connected to the internet, they only need a response rate in the single digits to make money. They don't spend money on stamps, they need no office or staff.

I use thunderbird and train it to recognize Spam - helps if I get the same email repeatedly.

I do agree with not replying to spam or not using antispam services at least the consumer grade ones. Some companies like Brightmail do a great job.


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