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Spam Penny Stocks....

By iokten ·
I have been getting emails about NASDAQ Alert Penny Stocks about 5 a day. There is no way trace the sender or request to stop this. Each time it is under a different senders name and Message Source gets you nowhere. If I only want to block it, then I have to block everyt one of them every they because they are all under different senders name. Seems like changing my email address is the only way to stop this. a clue, at the bottom of the page in fine print there is always a long story in text and does not make any sense.

Is there any other way to trace souce of these type of emails, or forward to somewhere, like legal authorities, etc..., that they can trace the the source? Do I have to cancel my email address to stop those? PLEASE HELP....

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by jguasch In reply to Spam Penny Stocks....

What are you using? Outlook 2003? Server?

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by iokten In reply to Spam Penny Stocks....

Windows XP Pro Outlook Express 6

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by bcmathis In reply to Spam Penny Stocks....

You can try to block them by IP Address. To do this if you are using outlook 2k3 you will want to open the email and select view and options. Inside of the options dialogue box you will find the sender information which includes the mail server and IP addresses.

Open about 5 of the emails and check the sender information, whether they are the same IP Address or not, and block it through Exchange.

To do that log into your server > go to the Exchange System Manager> select Global Settings > right click Message Delivery and select Properties > select the Content Filtering Tab > click on Deny under the Global Accept/Deny List Configuration and add the IP Addresses.

This should solve the problem if the emails are coming from a couple of IP Addresses. Alternatively, I currently use GFI MailEssentials which is great for filtering spam through keywords and custom blacklists.

Let me know if this helps you!

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by mkapme602 In reply to Spam Penny Stocks....

Don't bother blocking & eMail filtering rarely works (unrelated SUBJ, and BODY is not text).

Best bets are:

Report spam via - at least the sourcing ISP (often non-US) will be notified.

Include the US' SEC ( in such pump & dump security spam reports.

Use on-demand mailboxes from a reforwarder such as for receiving *ALL* email and *don't* use your _new_ email address otherwise - any mail coming directly into your _new_ mailbox will either be from your ISP or spam which *can* now be filtered!

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