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    Spam relay


    by eminent87 ·


    My exchange 2003 have been identify as a spam relay. I’m running my exchange 2003 with windows 2000 server. I’ve also configure my exchange with all the default the microsoft recommend, figuring this will prevent it from being a relay. Can anybody help me what to look for to solve this and clean it up?

    Currently I have stopped my SMTP service so no mail can go in or out. Also my badmail directory and queue directory were both filled up with junks and spams, I’m trying to clean that out also. What I don’t get is how is the relay happening. I ran some test from several spam relay test sites for the anonymous account and they came back negative but my server is being use for relaying spams. I know this because as soon as I turn on my SMTP service, I will get thousands of files in my badmail and queue directory.

    Please help me stop this and help me get my server off the black list too. Thank you!

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      by crackhead ·

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      you might have to turn off the “allow all users who successfully authenticate to relay” in the properties of your smtp connector. Of course you’ll have to define the subnets that can connect.

      there is an SMTP Auth vulnerability that is turning many exchange servers into relays because they have cracked a user account. see:

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        by eminent87 ·

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        I kinda suspected someone got access to one of the account, I changed all password and my server is back to normal now. All I need to do now is get my server off the black list. Thanks again!

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      by eminent87 ·

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