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    SPAM – We F***ing Hate It!


    by spamwarends ·

    There?s a new anti-spam product out there, MindComet
    Total Control. I came across an article (http://
    showArticle.jhtml?articleID=26807302 ) while searching
    helplessly for an anti-spam program. Very informative

    So I went to the company’s site and found that the product
    doesn’t really fit into any existing categories. It seems kind
    of like a mixture between white listing and challenge
    response, only no annoying user administration. Maybe this
    is better than sender authentication? Definitely better than
    content filters, or at least I think so. It’s a business
    application, so it wouldn’t work for individuals with spam
    issues, but it would work for people at a large organization
    or even a small business.

    They are offering demos, so I thought I would try it for my
    company and post a link here, cause I’m always looking for
    a solution that actually works. If you want to do the same:

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      Spam solution that works

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to SPAM – We F***ing Hate It!

      ZERO false positives over four week period.
      ALL SPAM captured within 2 weeks. GWAVA.

      Again server based only, more resourceful than any offerig I’ve seen (I’ve have tried MANY)and a fairly low cost, the ROI is incredible.

      I have also used more expensive (upto $5,000.00) sdolutions, have written my own Python based filters etc. GAVA integrates, Heuristic scannig,RBL checks, address blocking, attachment filtering, keyword flagging and fingerpinting (catch employees applying for work), and may other goodies all in one system. Foolproof, runs on ANY existing server, weighs less than 50MB and doesn’t slow or hinder mail processing in any way. Also uses your own Anti Virus solution to scan all mail for viruses before it is passed to the mail server for processing.

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        You should write an article to

        by spamwarends ·

        In reply to Spam solution that works

        You soudl get that product’s marketing department to be
        listed in some sites that review spam, including, and’s compare o

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          I have no affiliation with them

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to You should write an article to

          I figure while I wil personaly promote products I use, I will not provide leads for companies to better market themselves.

          I get paid for merketing and copy, I have no interest in BUYING a product and them helping the people to get some more visibility other than word of mouth.

          Sorry, but it’s just not my thing.

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