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SPAM with Techrepublic

By David_2007 ·
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ever since I logged onto TechRepublic, my mailbox is receiving a lot of SPAM.

Does anybody has had/or still have the same problem?


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I haven't noticed it lately

by LocoLobo In reply to SPAM with Techrepublic

However when I first joined it seemed like any time I opened a "white paper" the company involved had my contact info. The vendor would both phone and email me assuming that my click through meant I was interested in purchasing their product. So I quit clicking on white papers from vendors.

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if you

by Dr Dij In reply to SPAM with Techrepublic

signed up with a provider that has disposable email addresses (yahoo does for example) you can give a disposable email address to just one site (e.g. tech republic) and you'd be able to tell for sure if their email either leaked or was sold.

I had this happen at an inkjet cartridge selling company. I even emailed them and said "Hey, you're the only ones who have this email address, either you sold my name or you have a very bad security problem" They went out of biz a while later so I'm guessing they had been hacked and their email addresses were leaked.

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if you

by David_2007 In reply to if you

Not happened. I haven?t used this email for almost nothing. i created it especially for forums and nothing else. And suddenly after signing to Techrepublic I noticed that I am starting to receive abouit 5-10 Spam mails a day. I removed my email from my name (that is why my name is david_2007) as soon as I started receiving SPAM.

I could just delete the account, but then again, I would loose other forums.


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sounds like it then

by Dr Dij In reply to if you

that's exacty why I create dift disposable emails for any place on web I type it in.

But I had to, my problems outpace yours. I average 600 to 800 spams a day. This is because I have a catch-all on my domain and hackers just make up names to send to..

I'm in last phases of turning off the catch-all then all but emails I actually setup for the domain will bounce.

I've got ALL my emails on the domain filtering directly to trash. Then I go trash-picking and get the emails I'm expecting out of those in trash that came in that day. Alot quicker that way.

Did your email show up on your profile too? or just to TR?

anyone can lookup your profile.

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