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Spammer wins as US judge tries to shut down UK org Spamhaus

By Dr Dij ·
We're at it again, trying to boss around the world.

on computerworld, ignores a 11.7$ us win against it, judge tries to order ICANN to remove its DNS registry entry (they could still use the IP address to get the blacklist).

read the comments on, very enlightening what the spammer sent in threatening drivel to spamhause. Can you say 'Idiot Judge'? The 7th court of appeals is supposed to have a reputation for being smarter than this.

And welcome 8 to 10 billion more spam emails a day if this goes thru, that their lists were blocking.

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11.7 USD?

by Kiltie In reply to Spammer wins as US judge ...

Is anything alse in your tale as accurate?

Please provide links or sources

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Here you go.

by faradhi In reply to 11.7 USD?
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by Dr Dij In reply to 11.7 USD?

Didn't I say 11.7 million USD? $11.7 would have been much better :)

I did say computerworld. Was on front page yesterday. now you have to search for spamhaus

for some odd reason sometimes people can't link directly to these posts. computerworld may enforce no-linking sometimes

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