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Spanning print servers across domain controllers

By james.brigham1 ·
We are looking to span our print servers across multiple domain controllers for fault tolerance. Has anyone else done this, are there any information white pages on this? Thanks

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It's not really recommended to use a DC as a print server

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Spanning print servers ac ...

Simply because the print server spool can grow out of proportion and cause the hard drive to fill up, bringing the DC down in the process and possibly corrupting the local copy of the ntds.dit file.

You should install redundant print servers at multiple AD sites, but never use a DC as a print server because of the risks I mentioned above.

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Avoidable risk

by Mochtar In reply to It's not really recommend ...

Nevertheless that I agree wholeheartedly with you - if at ALL possible simply AVOID installing the print-server role on your DC, but at times simply unavoidable (cost-wise)

However, still a valid point. I do recall an article from MS a while ago that showed how to create a 'fake' file that would take up 2 GB (or whatever you instruct it to) which could be stored on the primary drive.

In the event of the above, or of a systemcompromise one would be able to delete the file and resume operation swiftly. I remember it being one of the Windows 2003 security guides somewhere (don't seem to be able to locate it right away, sorry)

It's a dirty 'hack' (I am not even calling this a fix...) but it can work.

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