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SparkCOM ADSL Modem Router Problem

By johnb ·
I have assigned the router with a private address of with a subnet mask of
DHCP assigns the addresses of 192.168.0.x with the same subnet mask.

I was having trouble connection to other PCs on my LAN by IP address, so I made the mistake of putting the IP in the routing table as having a default gateway of the LAN interface.

I now cannot connect to the internet or my router to configure it, as it is obviously thinks that is on my LAN!!! Argh!!! Anyone have a solution to this? Maybe someone can tell me how to reset it to factory default or knows if there is a browser that will connect via MAC address? I'm stuck here, and really don't want to have to bin it and buy a new one!

Thanks in advance :)

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by LMon In reply to SparkCOM ADSL Modem Route ...

Well the router should give you the option to change the lan address. All you have to do is open IE and enter the address that you changed the router to. You should have the option change the lan address.

There should be either a switch or hole in the back of the router that should allow you to reset it. If not look at your manual and it should have the steps.

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by johnb In reply to

The problem with trying to navigate to the router in IE is that the address is now seen as being on the LAN interface; because I specified that (i.e. is on the LAN. It therefore routes any requests for that address to the LAN and not internally

The reset switch is present, but unfortunately just resets the router, but not to factory default!

Thanks for the reply though.

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