Speaker Static? o_O

By thedonnhile ·
After reading other posts and trying many suggestions my speakers will not quit emitting at times an unbelievable amount of static.
I'm online 100% of my day which proposes a huge problem for me since the static gets unbearable when my system is thinking hard or transmitting huge amounts of data from the web.
I've checked the wire in the back of my BOSE speakers, looks like I'll be needing a new one soon but not the main issue, sound card seems fine. I've also tried re-installing the SigmaTel Driver which worked for a good one or two minutes. Any suggestions?

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so you are needing new cable but that's not the problem?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Speaker Static? o_O

Wouldn't THAT be the first thing to renew in order to remove it from the list of possibilities?

We could take hours coming up with all manner of possible causes, then it turns out it's the faulty cable you mentioned, but discounted, in your first post.

More info needed on your system: make, model, type, age.

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With HiFi Sound Equipment

by OH Smeg In reply to Speaker Static? o_O

Most noise is caused by Earth Loops where a faulty plug/wiring is involved. Look at replacing the Power Plug/s and what they plug into of the Speakers and Computer.

If however installing the sound drivers cured the problem at all for any length of time and it comes back you need to look at the Computers Power Supply as the possible cause of the noise.


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