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Speaking of toolbars....

By ITdesperado ·
Am I the only person who can't stand them? Who cringes when servicing a computer and find at least one or, just recently, came across one with 4 of the rotters?

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by Jaqui In reply to Speaking of toolbars....

there was a recent discussion on toolbars.

seems most here use either google or yahoo toolbars.

I personally use what comes with my browser, afer ripping out stupid things like flash support and automatic pdf opening support.
never install a after market plugin at all.

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by rob mekel In reply to nope

Can't stand those fr*gg*n things. ]:)


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PDF Opening Support

by AtCollege In reply to nope

The Hotbar is really awful. It puts so much spyware on a computer that eventually people can't use email. We had to educate our users about it. They understood after their computer speed and program operation bogged down.

But that's not why I am writing.
My problem is with links to PDF's most of the time not Opening the PDF file.

So, nope, can you give me any insight? I'll post more details about it if necessary.

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Hit me!

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Speaking of toolbars....

I added a bookmarks toolbar to FF and I love it. TR is one of the first buttons on it. I keep Comcast as my homepage, and use the toolbar as near immediate access to blogs and Mozilla Update.

Now, the real reason I am posting here: I am not a tech, so I need to know what problem the toolbars create when it comes to servicing. I promise I will share that information with end users!

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Think of

by rob mekel In reply to Hit me!

1 toolbar, 2 toolbars, 4 toolbars, ...., 1024 toolbars.

Do you see anything on your screen? :)

ps Have a nice weekend all its eater time for me :)

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by oneamazingwriter In reply to Think of

That's a common sense thing, and why I downloaded 1-Click answers. It takes up no screen space, yet is readily availible.
I thought, perhaps, there was more to it than that.
The bookmark toolbar is especially thin, or it wouldn't have remained on my browser. :)

Happy Easter, Rob. I hope you and your family enjoy the long weekend!

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Problems Caused by Extra Toolbars

by AtCollege In reply to Hit me!

The Hotbar is bad. It actually is spyware/adware in disguise. And it looks so official too.
The problems is causes are
1. Popup advertisements - increase over time
2. Redirects to partner sites without your doing anything
3. Add buttons to your browser leading to advertisers, paid search sites
4. Installs software on your PC without your consent
5. Track your site visits and reports them back to Hotbar for advertising purposes
6. Adds the Hotbar toolbar to your browser and Windows Explorer

If you have an extra toolbar that you installed, just google for information about it. If people have had problems with it, you'll get lots of input

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Can't stand them

by Cgoeckel In reply to Speaking of toolbars....

Personally I can't stand having toolbars on anything.

The folks I work with all use Google which is perfectly fine by me. Google seems to be pretty good. I haven't seen anyone with yahoo though.

I find them annoying and cluttery on the screen.

I have found folks that run 3 or 4 of them. I forget which one it was at the time but I remember one that was actually part of spyware and causing pop ups like crazy on one persons computer.

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I use google toolbar

by faradhi In reply to Speaking of toolbars....

It just saves me a click or two. Google has kept it fairly clean and it doesn't bog down my system like I have found Yahoo does.

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Another Google User

by Ziskey In reply to I use google toolbar

It's the first thing I add to FF or IE. Easily find search terms, spell check, and highlighter are the most frequent uses.

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