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Speaking of which !! ..... [Edited]

By OldER Mycroft ·
NOTE the 2 extra POINTS! This is serious!!

Luck folks, how do we get it , do we make it , does it just happen, how does it come along??

MAKE NO MISTAKE - AND DO NOT BE CONFUSED - I'm not talking about career advancement, I'm not talking about being 'Head-Hunted' (I know how good that feels like!).

NO - I'm talking about sheer luck. You either get it or you don't. Is that a simple analogy? Can you identify with that? Or perhaps is there more to it than that? Do you perhaps create/generate your own personal modicum of luck?

Personally I've never been lucky at ANYTHING.

ANYTHING in my case includes just about every aspect of life: educational path, career development, choice of spouse, geographic deployment, avoidance of warzones, pay-&-salary structures, up to and finally including after all these years.. the purchase of a Tumble Dryer!

I'll openly admit to all of you, if there was ever anyone to be hit by lightning on an open street, in a field, doing a hillside walk - stand about 4 feet away from me, 'coz I'd get the buzz and you'd be safe. 'Safe from me' is a different matter, but you'd be considered saved from the enormous levels of voltage that had just coursed through my body. I DID once lose all the hairs on my right arm and right leg ('the central component remained unaffected ~ shades of "Allo' Allo')but the French doctors in Chamonix thought it was 'just me', until my climbing partner told them that it was ME that the lightning had hit, not him (he was the one on the stretcher!).

Marriage - CR@P. - Don't bother asking, I assume all the long-term marriages are down to me (or other sad folk like me) - we take all the grief so that you simple luvvy-duvvy folk can enjoy your torment together.

NOW we come to the point of my post. I hunted around and around and around and finally settled on an online purchase of a seemingly good(well-specced and cheap)-priced tumble dryer - it sounds like one of those old F4-Phantoms doing a practice wind-up of the turbine after a cold layoff!!

>> What I included in a peermail to a couple of silly blokes like me (except they're both married).:

I've heard some loud noises in my years not only from F4-Phantoms, F14-Tomcats, F16-Falcons, the F1-Tornado, the C-130 can cause a bit of a racket, but this dryer is unbelievable - it's totally embarrassing!! Not even the Harrier Jumpjet (with its phenomenal single twin-turbine Pegasus engine) makes this much noise - mind you - I've never heard any of those aircraft in the confines of my kitchen !! But if I ever did (they'd have to miniaturise them first) I doubt they'd have the same sound level.

If you've never heard that sound, count yourself lucky. It is a screeeeeeddd sound that could make you .....

Anyone else within the Peer community as unlucky as me ?

Or are you all just glad that I'm now here to take the heat off ?

<Inability to spell 'French' properly - bad luck!>

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So what was it you bought?

by Michael Jay In reply to Speaking of which !! .... ...

A 737 to use as a dryer?
What brand do we need to avoid?
My little Maytag is very quiet and drys quite nicely.

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Well - if you must know ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to So what was it you bought ...

1 x Indesit IS60V White Vented Tumble Dryer
?145.97 (1 @ 145.97 each)

THAT is the guilty individual.

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by .Martin. In reply to Well - if you must know . ...

buy ten and see if I can deafen the neighbors!!!

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tanks OM

by Jaqui In reply to Speaking of which !! .... ...

your bad luck is helping

hold that thought.
marriage destroyed by government policy.
crazy [ literally ] neighbours.

you ain't the only one with bad luck.

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Geeze Mate

by Jacky Howe In reply to Speaking of which !! .... ...

I hope that I didn't get you into trouble with your neighbours testing it at that time in the morning.

I don't think different time zones when I try to help someone out of a pickle.

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Yeah, I noticed that ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Geeze Mate

You really DON'T think different time zones, do you.

But being a harsh, brash Scotsman, it matters very little! :^0

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up there cazaly [ Edited ]

by Jacky Howe In reply to Yeah, I noticed that ...
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The Coach punching the "25" out of the way ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to up there cazaly [ Edited ...

That is what I call humour !! :^0

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I was silly enough

by Jacky Howe In reply to The Coach punching the "2 ...

to play that game for three years. I loved it.

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thats not even the worst!!! <NT>

by .Martin. In reply to The Coach punching the "2 ...

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