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By tyger2420 ·
I have a client that would like to deny employees the ability to create folders yet allow them to append data. Has anyone successfuly implemented this? Any help would be much appreciated.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Special Permissions

Unfortunately in the Microsoft world, the rights permissions are not the simplest to decipher. There are 5 specific rights we are discussing here:

Create Files/Write Data

Create Files allows or denies creating files within the folder. (Applies to folders only).

Write Data allows or denies making changes to the file and overwriting existing content. (Applies to files only.)

Create Folders/Append Data

Create Folders allows or denies creating folders within the folder. (Applies to folders only.)

Append Data allows or denies making changes to the end of the file but not changing, deleting, or overwriting existing data. (Applies to files only.)

Delete Subfolders and Files

Allows or denies deleting subfolders and files, even if the Delete permission has not been granted on the subfolder or file. (Applies to folders.)

Unfortunately, as soon as you grant them the Append Data, you have granted them the right to create sub-folders.

If the users would not be created new data, but simply appending old data, you could grant them the Create Files/Write Data capability. However, they could only append files and not create new ones. I can see where this could lead to an issue of someone overwriting data and it becoming lost.

Frankly, I'd advise you to spend more efforts on a good backup system.

If you are really looking for a solution, I'd recommend a knowledge information solution, of which there are multiple vendors.

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