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By hvanegas2001 ·
I get this bug check error when I boot my computer, it automatically reboots time and time again. I've check MS Support and it gives me mumbo jumbo on STOP codes and the such and tells me to run verifier.exe.

I've run verifier.exe to see if it is a driver that is messing up my computer, but when I set the parameters to check all the drivers or even a few of them, when I reboot, my computer keeps rebooting on its own.

Is there a way to find out what driver is causing this problem on something I can open in Wordpad (i.e. txt file or the such&gt.

MS Support also asks me to obtain a backtrace of the current thread to find the information I need, this is nice of them to suggest without telling me how to do so!!!

Some pertinent info: Im running XP Home, just upgraded to 3GhzE Intel, have 256M Nvidia 5200, 1Gb Ram DDR400 PC3200, Abit IS7E motherboard with most recent BIOS update. Stop error message was codes were:
0x000000C1, (0x83452FF0, 0x834522OE, 0x0085400c,0x00000023)

I would really appreciate any help you could give me on this matter. Cause my computer is just not operational right now!!!! Thanks

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to SPECIAL_POOL_DETECTED_MEM ...

Sounds like you have a bad memory stick, try some different memory to see if the problem disappears.

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by hvanegas2001 In reply to

It was the memory, I downloaded Window's memtest. And I found the bad chip.

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by Tom_in_NJ In reply to SPECIAL_POOL_DETECTED_MEM ...

Whenever you have a stop error code, it's a good idea to go to and run a search for it. Here is the link to some information I found:

As you can see, Microsoft's answer for 0x00000023 is: "A driver freed an address while nearby bytes on same page have been corrupted." Unfortunately, I do not know if this means that a memory stick is bad or what else could be causing the error. Can anyone else expand on this?

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by hvanegas2001 In reply to

Already checked this as I indicated. Sorry.

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by hvanegas2001 In reply to SPECIAL_POOL_DETECTED_MEM ...

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