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    Specific Client Access to Server via WAN


    by john.billheim ·

    We’re looking to have a specific user access a folder on a server accross our WAN. However, we only want that specific user to be able to access the server via their personal workstation only. We don’t want them to be able to logon to someone else’sworkstation and access this specific folder on the server. Got any ideas that we can use to allow access on from that workstation? IP logging won’t work due to the use of DHCP. User verification and MAC logging??? Thanks!!!

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      Specific Client Access to Server via WAN

      by shasca ·

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      If the lease duration in DHCP is set so that the PC will be renewing it before it expires this PC should keep the same IP forever. You can also static this ip even with DHCP. This would enable you to forward that IP only. Then I would lock down thatPC to use by this user only BIOS password, Screensaver password, (User account w/win2000/XP).

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