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    Specifications needed to run Vista


    by jardinier ·

    I am in the process of purchasing a low cost laptop. Below are the specifications for the model I am considering.

    What I would like to know is will this machine run Vista at a satisfactory speed? For $100 less I can buy a machine with XP preinstalled. Do you think it is a bad idea to buy a new machine with XP which OS will, sooner or later, become obsolete.

    [b]COMPAQ Presario Dual Core – Laptop[/b]

    Processor: Intel Dual Core T2310 1.46 GHz

    Memory: 1GB DDR2 RAM (Upgrade to 2GB $49)

    Storage: 80GB HDD

    Optical Drive: DVD-Burner (Dual Layer)

    Screen: 15.4inch WXGA (ColourShine)

    Video: Intel Graphics

    Connectivity: Wireless G, 56K Modem, 100 LAN

    Built in Devices: Card Reader, 3 x USB,
    S-Video, Inbuilt Mic

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic

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      by jardinier ·

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      Jules Home Basic isn’t Vista

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Specifications needed to run Vista

      It lacks Aero which is the biggest thing that has been touted as part of the [b]”Vista Experience.”[/b] And what M$ is currently being taken to Court over with it’s [b]Vista Ready[/b] Add campaign prior to the release of Vista.

      This unit will happily run Home Basic but you really need to upgrade the RAM to get the full benefit as HP will supply this with 1 X 1 GIG Stick or RAM and as it is a Dual Chanel Memory M’Board the CPU will only be running at 50% of it’s possible FSB speed. That’s why the Upgrade is so cheap and they should be trying to sell this option very hard.

      As for XP that’s your call but XP isn’t going to be dead in any form for a long time to come no matter what M$ says. Companies are still using 2000 on the Desktop and 2000 Servers and are now only now considering migrating to XP and 2003 Server. This computer with XP will be considerably faster and will perform well for the life of the system with XP on it. My clients refuse to even consider Vista in any way shape or Form at the moment and I got a NB thrown back at me because it had a Vista Ready Sticker on it they didn’t want any reference to Vista at all there so I’m not sure what the M$ Rep did to them when they where paid a visit but it must have been interesting as it has left a Lasting Impression on the Owners of that company. Not good for M$ and I’m wondering what happened as I would have liked to have seen it the day that they where paid a visit. There are a tough crown who sell Earthmoving equipment and are all old Earthmover’s so they are likely to smack you in the mouth as soon as look at you and if they get upset they can do anything. The first day that I visited this place one of the workers there parked a Excavator Track on a computer that was too slow for his likes.

      Of course you an always buy the thing with Vista loaded and wipe it and then install XP Pro till you want to make the move to Vista.


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        But why back up to xp?

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to Jules Home Basic isn’t Vista

        Save the $100 up front AND the cost of the second OS, and just get a NEW new laptop again in two/three years when the systems will be even faster for the same price.

        Half steps either way are rarely a good idea.

        Just decide if you want the Vista lite and have a REASON for it. If not, XP is still a good option for now.

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          Well JD it’s what the system makers do

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to But why back up to xp?

          They Spec out a system for Vista and price it accordingly then for a fee downgrade it to XP and give you less hardware.

          Generally a slower CPU & less RAM for more money than the same machine with Vista costs. Unless you are looking at a Quad Core CPU there is currently no reason to move to Vista and with all the unsupported Software and Hardware there are lots of reasons not to consider the switch.

          While not my preferred option buying something loaded with Vista and then installing XP it is a cheaper option for better hardware though. Here all the Vista Computers come with Home Basic installed and you have to pay more for a better version of Vista. Unfortunately here for some reason best known to M$ AU they don’t sell a Product Key for the different versions of Vista you need to buy a Upgrade Kit which is quite a bit more expensive than the costs should be.

          Not sure why this is but originally the ACCC here had some hand in it and M$ makes much more money doing it this way so I can not see them changing anything in the near future. But with all but the Small System Makers like Me only offering Vista you are fairly limited in what you can actually buy. The places have heaps of Old Stock on hand because Vista computers are not selling all that well and they are desperate to up their market share so they have been pushing out older models reloaded with XP which are now substandard to the current crop of new hardware that is available. So from that point of view it makes moire sense to buy with Vista and reload with XP.


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      Thank you all

      by jardinier ·

      In reply to Specifications needed to run Vista

      Thanks to the TR resident gremlins this same question has been posted twice with too sets of answers. So I will now tell you the final outome and the good news.

      I have acquired at a very reasonable price a machine with the following specs:

      Processor: Intel Dual Core T2370 (1.73 GHz)

      Memory: 2 GB DDR2 RAM

      Storage: 250 GB SATA HDD

      Optical Drive: DVD-Burner (Dual Layer)

      Screen: 15.4inch WXGA (ColourShine)

      Video: Intel Express graphics

      Connectivity: Wireless, 56K Modem, 10/100 LAN

      Built in Devices: Inbuilt Webcam, Bluetooth,

      Card Reader, Mic, USB, Firewire

      Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional

      Warranty: 24 Months International Pickup Warranty

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