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specifics of mcp?

By dugabis ·
from what i understand earning your mcp is from taking one current microsoft test. I have experience working in theIT field. i would like to earn my mcp and im wondering what would be a good test to take? which is most useful? which is easiest? could i take the tcp/ip test and be mcp?

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by dmcelyea In reply to specifics of mcp?

I have the MCP and the first test that I took was Windows NT 4.0 workstation. Also took the Networking Essentials exam. You only get one certificate which states that you are MCP. I understand that if you were to take Windows 98, or any of the Microsoft exams it should give you MCP status. The TCP/IP will probably be the hardest of all.

Good Luck

Don McElyea

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RE:specifics of mcp

by goldenpossum In reply to specifics of mcp?

while you could maybe take the tcp/ip test to get your mcp it would not really be advisable.That according to those that I have talked to and have taken it. They have told that that is one of the hardest. If you want the easier of the test just takeworkstation, that being the easiest.

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Almost any exam will get you MCP status

by Glen_McLeod In reply to specifics of mcp?

Any current Microsoft exam will earn you MCP status *except* Networking Essentials, that one doesn't qualify.

You might want to check the MS website for exams that are scheduled to be retired, yust so you don't do one then find out 3 weeks later that it's not valid anymore. There's a whole page that are retiring at the end of December 2000, including the SQL Server 6.5 exams, which came as a huge shock to me, as the exams for 8.0 aren't even in beta yet! Luckily I have SQL 7.0 as well, so that particular one doesn't affect me.


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test to take for MCP...

by certified In reply to Almost any exam will get ...

I would take either the NT Server 4.0 or NT Workstation 4.0 (BOTH being retired this December 31st), along with Networking Essentials. Once you get your MCP from either of those testing combinations, then u can persue your MCSE, which includes taking the TCP/IP test... also required would be 2 other electives, such as IIS and Microsoft Exchange Server.

I went to CEI to study to become an MCSE. I'm now just going for my MCP, now that I know tests will be expiring this month. Hope this info helps.

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