Specify alternate dns server on router

By tmsytc ·
My computer's network connection (XP) is set to Obtain DNS server address automatically. When it connects to the router ipconfig -all shows the DNS server to be twice.
This is the router address; good.

Can I set the router so that it gives a different ip ( for the alternate dns server instead of the same one twice?

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humm so your DNS servers

by CG IT In reply to Specify alternate dns ser ...

are on your local network?

you can specify a # of DNS servers in your NICs TCP/IP advanced properties.

note: the O/S will process [look for] DNS servers in the order listed [top to bottom]

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Yes, local

by tmsytc In reply to humm so yo ...

There are a lot of computers here and several laptops that are sometimes here. I want all of them to see as a dns server without having to set the properties on each one.

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DHCP? if so

by CG IT In reply to Yes, local

use options.
option 6 is for DNS servers.

Depends on which router your using. Consumer level routers allow, I believe, 2 DNS server listings. They might allow 4. Again depends on what router you've got.

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by tmsytc In reply to DHCP? if so

I do see a dhcp page on the router configuration but it just has a start and end address, no option 6. Where does it hide?

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Think you answered this in this thread

by CG IT In reply to Where?

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