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Speech peeves 202

By Oz_Media ·
Well I think I've bitched about this in the past but WHY CAN'T PEOPLE LEARN SAYINGS PROPERLY!?!?!?

I was just chatting on one of my band boards and some guy in the US (NH I think) was giving a guy from Sweden an lesson in English for his broken Swedish/English writing style, which I don't stand for and remove the posts immediately. I ***** here but don't allow people flaming each other on band sites, it gets out of hand, these forums are at least some tactful flaming, not just FU A Hole etc.

The guy is trying to tell the Swedish poster that he speaks terrible English and then starts giving examples. Including a comparisson where he used THEN instead of THAN (GOOOOOOD I hate that!!!!!)

"... with the crowd more then any of them."

"THEN any of them", I HATE it when people do that!

The other BIGGIE that really gets under my skin is when people say "I could care less" instead of; "I COULDN'T care less"

Now I know my grammar isn't that great, especially when thinking while chatting, you end up creating fragmented sentences when editing and my typos are everywhere. But this is just TERRIBLE use of the English language, in this case being used to flame someone else who made some great comments and has an English barrier as it is NOT his country's first language, unlike the knob who flamed him.

People who can't SPEAK proper English can't write it either. They hear words and THAN think it is written how it sounds, in this case due to an accent.

There was a show a while back on degraded English in the US that ends up causing some really important communications to be misinterpreted, there are professional linguists that many schools, and branchs of government call to ensure they are using proper English. Those linguists say it is atrocious just how many people, EDUCATED people can't write the most basic English words as the accent where they grew up has had them thinking it was spelled differently.

They said the ONE group that HASN'T changed it's language over time is also the main brunt of English correction in Schools, black Americans. The rest of Americans have SLID their language over time, now several words will sound exactly the same due to people's accent. This who are said to be speaking poor American English, black Americans, get chastized by teachers, held behind to repeat grades, and even suspended with home/private schooling suggested. Yet they are also the ones who's language DOES date back to America's beginnings, and hasn't wavered and changed the way most other accents in teh USA have over time. They say it will take less than 30 years before the English dictionary would be cut back by nearly 100 words as the words all sound the same and get written the same with US accents, although they are actually different words with completely different meanings.

I don't mind when someone doesn't know a word or simply spells it incorrectly, I don't know all the English words, that's a pretty big task to take on. To see someone correcting another and using 'idiot English' to do so just irritates me to no end though.

So once again, English 202 I suppose, I am SO irritated by the misuse of the world's most widespread language has pissed me off enough to actually post about it.

WHY can't people learn to write in English instead of accents? Oh well, I feel better now anyway.

Mind you , I just posted this to Network Admin and forgot to check the Miscellaneous box. My apologies to those seeking Net Admin threads.

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Feel better? ;-)

by jmgarvin In reply to Speech peeves 202

So Oz, do you feel better now? I know that it is frustrating to see grammatical and spelling errors, but you have to realize that many times people are in a hurry.

On that note: I do hate it when people slaughter the technical part of english. It is IMPOSSIBLE to understand what you want or need if you can't communicate the issue.

I am happier THEN a clam :-)

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Yeah sorry

by Oz_Media In reply to Feel better? ;-)

It just went right up one side of me and down the next, MAN does that ever bug me. Worse than nails on a chalkboard!

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it happens

by Jaqui In reply to Speech peeves 202

all the time.

this is one of the few sites where I rarely see anyone flaming someone for thier english.
( only actually saw one post like that, the next the flamer got flamed for it. )

now, if Oz was to be posting in english like someone from .. say india or china, where they do not use english as the primary language, then I could see flaming him for it.

tease him about typos, yup will do.
( after all we all make typos and should concider proofreading our posts for them )

burning someone when everything about thier post says english is not thier first language, nope, try to understand with grammar errors etc, but not flame.

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How very conCiderate of you

by Oz_Media In reply to it happens

I thought you said people should consider proofreading their posts? LOL! GOTCHA!

Let me guess, you did that on purpose, right?

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by jmgarvin In reply to How very conCiderate of y ...

I love that Oz edited the post!! :-)

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Added the smiley

by Oz_Media In reply to ROTFLMAO!

Sometimes people get the wrong impression if you're not adding smileys.

Other edits I do include, reading the post and realizing it was a bit to offensive and abusive, a missed space betweenwords, or words with letters erversed etc.

I don't bother with notepad and spell checking, as you MAY have noticed if you read really carefully (or if you are deaf dumb and blind). Some people care enough to take the time, not I. If I was being paid for the copy, I would perfect it, as I am not, I don't.

Look at my posts, EVERY one of them has edits, unless I get even lazier. I will often go in and correct the really bad mistakes and leave most of them in there, again because I can't be bothered.

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by Jaqui In reply to Added the smiley

I leave it be.
I try to proofread every post, and usually catch my typos before actually posting.

and yup, concidering it was about being uneducated I did spell like that on purpose. ~g~
phonetics ya know.

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Irregardless of Your Viewpoint...

by DMambo In reply to Speech peeves 202

...I think that the real issue is that most people don't read a lot of edited text, like books, and therefore don't get a chance to see the correct usage.

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What is this "book" you speak of?

by jmgarvin In reply to Irregardless of Your View ...


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Must be a typo

by Oz_Media In reply to What is this "book" you s ...

It could have been nook, mook, vook, cook, hook, ****, fook if they keyboard was too small.

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