Speech to text software

By C00P91 ·

I am new to this forum, so i apologise if my question does not follow standard procedures.

I am looking in to create a procedure for automating a speech to text application.
Does anyone have any idea of how much work this will take. I have had some machinelearning courses at my university, but i dont think that i have good grasp of the workload it might turn out to be. Have anyone tried doing this? And perhaps succeeded. I am not thinking organizations like google, but individuals who were just strong in programming and machinelearning?

I hope you will find my question exiting and that someone can help me answer my question.

Best regards C00P91

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What exactly do you mean here?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Speech to text software

You want to make something like Dragon's Naturaly Speaking Software?

That is something that they have been strugleing with for many years now and while the current version is as good as it gets it's still a long way from being easy to use without first lots of Educating the system to reconise your voice.

If you want something that allows anyone to speak to a computer and convert that to text it's still a long way off.

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by C00P91 In reply to What exactly do you mean ...

Yes, very much something along the lines of Dragons NPS.
It would not need to be as good, but be able to detect some predefined words with increased importance.
For instance if you record a song, the pronounciation is often very poor. However with a few predefined buzz-words i should be able to fast make a resume of what the song is about.
I would also be able to search around in the text using these buzz-words.

Nelly furtados - i'm like a bird

You're beautiful, that's for sure
You'll never ever fade
You're lovely but it's not for sure
That I won't ever change
And though my love is rare
Though my love is true

I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away
I don't know where my soul is
I don't know where my home is
And baby all I need for you to know is
I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away
I don't know where my soul is
I don't know where my home is
All I need for you to know is

You could then predifine the word "soul" to become a buzz-word. If the software is good enough, if should detect atleast 1 of them, and then be able to play-back lets say 1 minute of song before, and 1 minute of song after the word "soul" appears.

Hope this explains it better.

Best regards.

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