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By Machine_213 ·
I am looking for a program that will allow someone to speak in Spanish and have it translated to English and converted to text. I haven't found anything beyond the normal talk to text programs and apps but from what I've seen nothing offers a translation feature. I know i could use a translation app and then copy it over to the forms I am using, but was hoping to find something that would do it concurrently. Any suggestions? I would prefer to have it as an app but any ideas on mobile or computer apps would help, thanks.

Update: I should have clarified, I need to be able to dictate speech and have it translated and transcribed onto pdf and excel sheets. I would rather not use the memo, note pads or google translate and have to copy and paste everything. Im looking for something that can do that directly on the forms themselves.

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try to use your smartphone

by logousbb In reply to Speech to text with trans ...

Some apps come enabled with voice-to-text features. As an iPhone user, I know I can dictate memos to my notepad on my iPhone, and of course Siri has to interpret commands based on voice which she then displays as text which you can edit manually. You can also dictate text messages vocally.

And lest this come off as an iPhone endorsement: I’m pretty sure every smartphone does stuff like that these days. Bottom line - there’s no one app, many have this feature.

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by tedbaker1 In reply to Speech to text with trans ...

You can simply use google translator.
Just use your voice and then get written text translated, which you may copy and paste wherever you want.

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