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By jerepomo ·
how can i increase computer speed

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by TheChas In reply to speed

If the PC is less than 3 years old, it may be worth performing some component upgrades.

CPU: Install the fastest supported CPU.

RAM: Optimize the amount of RAM for the version of Windows, and the software you use.
For Windows 9X / Me, I recommend between 128 MB and 384 MB of RAM.
For Windows 2000 and XP, install as much RAM as fits / you can afford.

Video card: For graphics intensive applications, a faster video card with more video RAM can be worth the cost.

Windows: If your PC is more than 2 years old, it "may" be worth the effort to format the hard drive and install Windows clean and fresh.
Over time, Windows builds up a number of unneeded files and excess keys in the registry.

Spy-Ware: If you surf the web a lot, your computer may have a number of Ad-Ware and Spy-Ware software installed.
Use a utility such as AdAware from
or, SpyBot Search and Destroy from


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by Stubby In reply to speed

Put more RAM in - always the first answer if, and only if you've cleaned out your system, have up to date AV running and have cleaned out any ADware and crap from your temporary files.

If after this you need to look at uprating your HDD speed, and so on ....


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