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By jeff.coelho ·
What is the difference between download speed and browsing speed?

2) How can I make sure that others cannot access my Internet account?

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by genoe In reply to Speed Definition

There is really no difference between browsing speed and downlaod speed. Fetching webpages are essential download only operations.

2- Not sure what you mean here. Other than not giving out your password to others, I don't know what you are after with this question.

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by master3bs In reply to Speed Definition

In answer to your second question, if you have a wireless connection you need to be sure to set the security on it.

Go into the SSID section of your router. Change the SSID name to something unique that you can remember. Also consider changing the security mode to WEP.

You'll need to look at the specific settings for your wireless connection. Hope that's what you're talking about, if not we'll need more information.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Speed Definition

Also place a Password on your computer so that no one can access it while you are away and never allow Windows to store your Password for your ISP account.

While that will minimize the potential problems it will not guarantee that no one will ever access your ISP account as you also need to run Spy-Ware/Mal-ware Scans regularly and keep your computer clean as well as keeping an up to date AV program installed. and preventing anyone from using your computer when you are not there.

That will stop the armatures but if you insist on preventing the Pros the only solution is not to have an Internet Connection and that is the only way that you can Guarantee that no one can ever use your ISP connection. Spoofing or Philishing has grown to an Art Form recently and is Big Business but I would be far more concerned about someone else using my identity than accessing my ISP. If you get your Identity Spoofed you can end up finding out that you have massive Bills that you have nothing to do with or worse still Legal Issues where you have to prove your innocence rather than being given the Benefit of the Doubt!

If you have a Wireless Router disable the Wireless and only use Wired connections as well.


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