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Speed of CD writer Liteon 52X32X52

By aasim989 ·

I have a new Liteonit CD writer with speed 52X32X52. It spins at enormously very high speeds so that sometimes some CDs are shattered into pieces. I'm using Nero Buring ROM software. Is there any way to control the spin speed by software or otherwise to a desired limit.

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by dmiles In reply to Speed of CD writer Liteon ...

You can control the speed to burn a cd,but the problem you describes sounds like a defective part and need to be returned for replacement,hope you still have a warrenty on it.

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by ytszazu In reply to Speed of CD writer Liteon ...

When you CD's starts to shatter into pieces, so does your CD-RW because the motor gets unbalanced.

I do not know how to control the CD burning speed, but I do know that you can read the actual burning speed.

Sometimes, the real burning speed is VERY different from the speed which you choose your burning speed.

I don't know how to do it, but find in the forums, and there should be some saying that you have to add a few command lines to your Nero to read the real burning speed.

1: What CD's are you using?
The cheapest CD's in the market, avoid those, they are unbalanced. In my case, it only 'cracked' through.

2: DO you know what is the max burning speed of the CD's you baught, and what speed you are burning to it?

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by ghimpe-- In reply to Speed of CD writer Liteon ...

You can control both the cd burning speed and the cd reading speed. But that isn't your problem here. That drive is defective and should be replaced imeadiatly.

*this reminds me of the Myth Busters*

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