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speed of VPN connection

By lcw ·
I'm using a VPN connection back to my company LAN.
I'm facing the problem of inconsistency of the whereby sometime the speed is reasonable and sometime the speed is very slow on accessing the server.I would like know thru a VPN connection is the speed of accessing LAN remotely is measure on the VPN client connection to the internet or the company line accessing the net?

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by ISPnetworker In reply to speed of VPN connection

Your speed/bandwidth/latency is dependent on the most constrained resource. Typically, the WAN/VPN connection is the constraining factor, as the bandwidth is most likely 700Kb/s or less. A typical LAN can offer between 10-100Mb/s; even a poorly designed network with high utilization will offer you more than 700Kb/s. The other factor may be the internal servers you are connecting to. Server response can be slow due to resource contention or the applications being used.

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by mshavrov In reply to speed of VPN connection

First of all. VPN protocols create 25-35% overhead in addition to traffic you are transmitting. This means that if you have, for example, full T1 dedicated just for you, your real throutput using VPN will be 1.5Mb-30%=~1Mb. And it's just for a scenario when nobody uses this link for anything else.

Second, you should watch your Internet link utilization. Most likely you will see that you have "slowdown" right in time when somebody download something big from the Internet. I would recommend to use something like "MRTG" package. It will allowe you to monitor links utilization 24x7.

Third, you should determine, what kind of traffic do you have on your Internet link and, may be, prioritize "critical traffic". In some cases (depending on hardware), you may even allocate different bandwidth for different types of traffic. In this case you may "reserve" certain amount of bandwidth for VPN and nobody else will not use it.

If you have more questions - send me e-mail.

Good luck.

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