speed up my old pc

By awharrell ·
Currently, im running a AMD 2800+M overclocked to 2.09ghz, 1.00gig PC3200 ram, geforce6600gt 128mb, all on a A7N8Xe-deluxe motherboard with XP SP2. Im not short of harddrive space, i have one 40gig with windows on it, 14gigs free, one 250gig, with 144 gigs free, and one SATA 80 gig with 62 gigs free. The PC used to run fast as ****, i havent used it in about a year, pull it out, plugged it up, got some compressed air and cleaned out the case and everything but its still not where it used to be. Is there anything i could do short of getting a new desktop that would speed up the startup time, load programs, web surfing, etc...? I was thinking about buying some new pc3200 ram, a 1 gig stick but the two 512s are dual channeled right now, i dont know if that would have a significant effect on the startup time and etc...


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quick tips and tricks

by Charvell In reply to speed up my old pc

dual channel is the best way to optimize RAM. If you mobo has 4 RAM slots, check the manual to see if both slots dual channel. If so, it might be worth getting 2 more 512MB sticks. Generally its a good idea to keep your RAM sticks the same size, you wouldn't want to have 1 512MB and 1 1GB stick if you are looking for optimum performace.

Have you defragged all your HDDs while booted into Safe Mode? Have you checked msconfig to see if any non-essential programs are starting up (one culprit i find a lot is adobe reader)?

You might also want to run memtest to make sure your RAM hasn't deteriorated.

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What starts when you start the compuer?

by Ron K. In reply to speed up my old pc

Nevermind, there are hundreds of things. The reason I'm asking is that it may appear to be slow because it's going to get updates for software that updates automatically. Your firewall, your antivirus, and Windows itself could all be trying to update. <br>
If I was you I'd update everything manually so you know that's not a problem.<br>
Let's say that it's not updates for a second. What IS your firewall and AV solution? Some products slow down your pc all by themselves. Norton is notorious for doing that. <br>
Having items start that aren't necessary can slow startup times too. Some housecleaning may be in order. <br>
Defragging your hard drive can increase performance too. You can use Windows defrag but I like Defraggler better. You can get that here: http://www.piriform.com/defraggler/download <br>
If all of the above is taken care of and it's still slow I usually recommend no less than 2GB of RAM. I don't know what your motherboard can handle but I like to max. out the RAM for XP. You can go to http://www.crucial.com to see what the maximum RAM is for your MB. <br>
One thing to keep in mind here. I am not a pro. Computers are simply a hobby of mine. I don't think that I'm steering you in the wrong direction. It should be a safe direction. <br>
If you want a good picture of what starts when you start your computer get Sysinternals Autoruns from here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb963902.aspx Don't remove anything from starting up unless you KNOW that you don't need it. <br>
I'd try doing the above and you should have a faster startup and have programs open faster too. <br>
Post back if you have issues.

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RE: "i havent used it in about a year" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to speed up my old pc

Presumably in the last year you've been using another computer?

This may be a simple case of you not remembering how slow it was, because when you last used it you thought it was fast.

I don't use my laptop (Sempron 3000+, 1GB RAM, GeForce 5200) as often as I used to, only firing it up each month to catch M$ updates. It stuns me as to how slow it is but that's only because it's nowhere near as fast as my 64-bit Win7, E8500 Core2Duo with 8GB RAM.

Before I bought the big rig, my laptop was the dog's bollox.

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dog's bollox?

by .Martin. In reply to RE: "i havent used it in ...

what does that even mean?

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It's the name of his Cafe on Facebook.

by Ron K. In reply to dog's bollox?
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The Schnitz's Nitzes ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to dog's bollox?

The Poodle's Plums?

The Bulldog's Balls!

Honestly, sometimes I really despair! :^0

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Now that is just cruel OM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to The Schnitz's Nitzes ...

You know Martin is a youngster and you go impersonating a Pom to completely confuse him. :^0

You should be NICE just like me.

Col 0:-)

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Slow down, Mycroft

by santeewelding In reply to RE: "i havent used it in ...

You're leaving the young'ns behind.

If I have you, tell me, please, about your experience with letterpress made of wood. I mentioned it today in a post elsewhere. As I remember, it was used when size exceeded available typefaces in stock. Or, for special graphics.

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Another thing to try.

by Ron K. In reply to speed up my old pc

Go to Start and right-click on MY Computer. Go to Properties, the Advanced tab and go to the Performance section. Click Settings and click the radio button next to 'Adjust for best performance'. Click Apply, OK and I believe you have to reboot.<br>
If you're not happy with the performance settings simply go back to what they were using the same procedure.

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As well as what is suggested above

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to speed up my old pc

You can move the Swap File to a different HDD to speed up the system a bit.

But with older hardware like this I always Max out the RAM that the M'Board will carry up the Page File accordingly and just say that's the best it's going to be. To date everyone I have done this for are happy, but as I tell them there is no way to make it perform like a new one should work if correctly configured.


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