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speed up the system operation

By lmhloca ·
I've come across some software adv. about speeding up the internet applications and/or the operation system to make surfing and other operations faster or super fast. I just wonder how true this is and whether it is safe to install those kinds of software. Would appreciate your advise and suggest which software are safe to do this. Many thanks

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by TheChas In reply to speed up the system opera ...

For dial up, there are numerous software packages that claim to speed up your internet experience.

These fall into 2 classes:

Connection optimizers

Page pre-fetchers

Connection optimizers have been around for awhile.
If your connection is not optimized, they can help. If so, you will see some improvement.

I tried 1 from Check-It / Smith's Micro. It was not able to improve my dial-up speed.
This does not mean that the software does not work, just that my connection was already as good as it could be.

As to the pre-fetchers, it depends on how you surf.
If you skip from site to site, or download a lot of files, you will see no improvement.
If however, you spend a lot of time on a single site going from page to page, the pre-fetchers can help. The improvement will depend on how much time you spend on each page, and how closely your habits match the way the software predicts which link you will follow.


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by lmhloca In reply to

what about if I'm using ADSL or broadband connections, do these software help? Or those solutions are only applied to dial-up connections and not to broadband? thanks very much

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by fred07 In reply to speed up the system opera ...

No, If you are on DSL, FSL, or cable they are of no use. On a standard modem they are of little use.
Mostly the hype is to get you to buy something you do not need or get you on their spam list.

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by TheChas In reply to speed up the system opera ...

Again, depending on how you surf, the pre-fetchers can speed things up a little.

With DSL and Cable, you will not see much of a difference unless your surfing habits closely match the algorithm used by the software.

Personally, I would not waste the time or the money.


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