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Speeding up windows startup

By coreypi ·
Is there a way of disabling the windows 98 logo before you go into windows? What I am trying to do is to speed up the boot time for users who wants to access there desktop more quickly.


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by ismail_ngr In reply to Speeding up windows start ...


The bootup and starting up speed is depend on some conditions. If u have best System and Working full speed before, Do follwing steps. Most of times i am facing the speedup problems occured by loading some unwanted programs in windows startup time and loaded the system tray. So it will consume the system main memory and slow down u r pc speed.

This programs not loading via startup group. U can only remove the regedit tool in windows. So run the regedit and go to the below locations.



Simply delete the unwanted programs keys in the right pane. Careful, remove only the unwanted keys, Otherwise UR system give some trouble.

Next is use some disk defragment software such like diskeeper from and do the defragment periodically. If u want more info drop an email to I will try to help u more. Thanks in advance.


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by dmiles In reply to Speeding up windows start ...

Ok This is how it goes Change the attributes for msdos.sys so it is not "Read only" , msdos.sys is found in the root directory of your c drive. Open the file using Notepad or any text edditor (Not MS word or any word processor) Change or add the followind line 'Logo=0' This will disable the windows logo screen if you want it back then make "Logo=1" Change the attributes back The changes will take place on the next reboot.

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by csmith In reply to Speeding up windows start ...

Disabling the Windows logo will only speed up the boot by less than one tenth of a second.
The real problems lie with too many programs being loaded at startup, and searches by Windows for network connections that are not present.
If the software and network configuration are a given,
(Most large companies.)
the only thing you can do is to make sure that the Hard Disk is setup properly, and working at its' optimum data transfer rate.
That is not going to help much, because most boots are consecutive reads, so the limiting factor is the RPM of the disk its self.
When you are in msdos.sys ,
you may also be able to get rid of double buffering, (For SCSI attachments) and Double Space
(This mostly saves memory.)
Regards, Chris

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by coreypi In reply to

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by coreypi In reply to Speeding up windows start ...

I have look under the msdos.sys for the line text "Logo=0" and came up empty. This is what's in the msdos.sys file:

I've check for the msdos.sys file and look for the command line "Logo=0" and I don't see it there. In the msdos.sys file under Windows 98 are:

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by coreypi In reply to Speeding up windows start ...

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