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spell check in mail merge doc no good

By joseph.m.gonzalez ·
Using MS office XP with word 2002 and SP-1 installed. Spell check works when I create new document. It is set up to check automatically, and it does. But it will not check the main merge document (doc with the fields) and merged document (document(s) created when I run merge. This may help: In Tools\Language\Set Language ... the box "Do not check spelling or grammar" is always partially grayed when I select all the text, even if I deselect it, it always goes back. But this is only with the 'main merge and merged docs'. It remains unchecked with normal docs. This could be big problem with cover letters (I really cannot spell like I use to).

I already checked Tools\Options\Spelling & Grammar, but everything looks good. Deselected, saved, and selected again, but no good.

I am an unemployed level-1 (with some hardware and network) support tech.

Thank you in advance,

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by glennmcwilson In reply to spell check in mail merge ...

I got this from a Swiss programmer's website. While you can press Ctrl+A in the mail merge result document and then deactivate "Do not check spelling and grammar", there is another way.

1. Create a new CHARACTER style in your document and make sure it is set to use the language you prefer
2. Alt+F9 to view the field codes
3. Select a field where you want spell check to work and press Ctrl+F9. This inserts { } around the selection
4. Type QUOTE just inside the { opening bracket
5. Type \* CharFormat just inside the closing bracket }
6. Apply the character style to the QUOTE field's content

Repeat 2 - 6 for all fields you want to spell check. Alt+F9 again to hide the field codes. Example:
{ QUOTE { Mergefield Comments } * CharFormat }

The \* CharFormat switch forces a field to display with the character formatting applied to the first character in the field. This doesn't work on a merge field, however. But it does work on a Quote field. So if you nest the merge field in a Quote field that contains this switch, then apply a character style to the field that uses your language, spell check should work.

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by DKlippert In reply to spell check in mail merge ...

Press Ctrl+A to select the whole document. Choose Tools>Language Set Language.
Check that the correct language is selected. Then remove the check next to "Do not check spelling or grammar".

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by joseph.m.gonzalez In reply to spell check in mail merge ...

Thank you mustafa359 and DKlippert, I will both procedures right away.

I hope I am answering your answer in the right section. Having it here makes it look like my answer is to the original question. Be sure to let you know my outcome.


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by joseph.m.gonzalez In reply to spell check in mail merge ...

That does not work. I have been doing that all along, and at first it looks like it works, but when I go back in, it's back again (looks a little greyed out but there). Also, in the area of the document where I have prewritten text it works. If I go in and misspell one of the preexisting words then spell check works. But not on text that came in from the fields.

Thanks, now I will try mustafa359's procedure.
thanks again,

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by joseph.m.gonzalez In reply to spell check in mail merge ...


BINGO! That's it. Creating a style did it. At first it did not work because I left out the back slash "\". In your instructions its left out of the example. Not familiar with that area of formating, so I thought I'd leave it out first.

I've been out sick for awhile, but now I am trying to get back into desktop support. It seems to me I should read up on MS Office. I have Office XP but never studied it. I never was a cracker-jack, but have patience and like to look for and find answers. Do you know a title I can purchase? Or any ideas how I could re-enter the desktop field?

I guess I may just be a bit nervous...?
Thanks again,

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by glennmcwilson In reply to spell check in mail merge ...

Glad I could be of assistance. As far as a title, you can hardly ever go wrong with a book from Que Publishing on Office, I'd suggest, where you can get books at a pretty decent price. Hope this helps!

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