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Spending the day

By The 'G-Man.' ·
in the server room recovering a failed DC. Aint life grand!

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Could be worse...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Spending the day could be the POTUS, spending 4 years trying to recover a failed D.C.!

Seriously, though, best of luck with it!

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that bites, man

by jck In reply to Spending the day

i've been there sorta.

I spent 2.5 days once re-entering all of the paycheck entries and their budget entries *manually* through an interface that I coded...because the owner of the company/senior network engineer didn't turn backups back on for one of our clients and a hard drive crashed.

Gotta love it...good times, eh? j/k

Hope it gets better for you, man.

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Spending the day

by The Scummy One In reply to Spending the day

fighting the urge to get back on the rocket and just gooooooooooo!

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by jck In reply to Spending the day

for the past 4 days, I have thought every morning to myself:

"Why don't I just call and quit."

For some reason I come in still.

Oh's called...BILLS :^0

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Life is to short

by jdclyde In reply to dude...

to wake up everyday and have to go to "that place".

The only time I have ever HATED going to work was my last shoprat job, but hating it was the only thing that kept me motivated to finish school and getthephluck out of there.

There are places in this country that don't have a hurricane season, lower cost of living, and decent wages.

Bills schmills. If you would quit buying things you wouldn't have any! Turn off the gas and cook everything on the grill like a real man! I guess you can keep the running water.....

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Ahhhh, hurricane season

by Forum Surfer In reply to Life is to short

Back in my NC youth I remember hurricane parties! Just be careful who you're with when the lights go out and it's all good!

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An excuse for candles

by jdclyde In reply to Ahhhh, hurricane season

and make sure you have plenty of batteries, so you still have tunes!

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or if you're really prepared like me

by jck In reply to An excuse for candles

a 5500 watt generator so you can keep listening to tunes and watching TV and keep the food cold

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whole house generators

by jdclyde In reply to or if you're really prepa ...

are you familiar with them?

Do you know of a good company in Florida that does them?

Our company President lives in Florida (not sure where) and was interested in getting this.

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This is the kind of thing you want JD

by JamesRL In reply to or if you're really prepa ...

I was at a county fair and was looking at them, can't really afford one, but the man gave me a price of $6000 CDN installed (8KW model which can run a small house or critical circuits in a larger house).

They come on automatically and run on eith Natural Gas or propane. Obviously if the house already has natural gas, that makes it even better.

They are wired into your house, they sense when the power is gone and kick in automatically. No fuss, no muss, nothing to start. They do a little self test monthly, and they have some routine maintenance, but you don't have to worry about losing power when you are away. The farmers buy them to protect their milk coolers.


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