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Spherical CPU for faster data travel

By rasmusson.rasmusson52 ·
Can Microsoft make a spherical CPU for faster data extraction? Is is possiable to make a GPS system for a wrist band computer? Or, a jacket that has a storage for a tablet? I hve Windows XP and VISTA and feel it is all I need for work to be accomplished. I recieve Tech Republics e-mails. I have an issue with Wal Greens right now. They didn't send a text mail of my prescribtions. They are located at Reed and Jefferson Street in Joliet, Illinois. There are some issues that need resolved. Another one is a place in Joliet that needs to upgrade their computers and have printers at everywork station or then they need to offer a flash drive and electronic data logs they can carry with them. Anyway, everyone cheer up, and if you build a house or a skyscrapper, make it all TECH's, with integraded computers for voice command to open doors or windows or set security. Sounds like TECH stud So to Speak. Can you help out Illinois Social Workers obtain upgrades in computers? If a heart can be electrectronic why can't an entire body be electronic?

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