spilled on laptop - HELP!

By courtney251 ·
I spilled wine on my laptop.... It looked like everything was fine, and I ran to get paper towel to clean up the spill.

When I got back, the monitor was black. I turned it off, wiped it down, and turned the laptop back on. Everything booted fine, except that the monitor was pretty much black. Its like the contrast is WAY down so that the screen is pretty much black, but everything else seems to work just fine.

How can I fix this?

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LCD Connection.

by fazmin.nizam In reply to spilled on laptop - HELP!

only think I could suggest it to remove the LCD connectors from the laptop and give it a clean, if everything else seems to be working fine. this might be the issue. you have not mentioned the brand of the computer since I'm using an HP this is how Ive removed my LCD I work on hp laptops but most are the same orientation as far as assembly and removal. There are many rubber pads that you will have to peel off that will reveal screws on the front of the lcd bezel assembly. After removing those screws carefully pry open the bezel the plastic part around the lcd screen. It might be a little difficult because there is tape there to keep the bezel from having gaps. Just try to find an area that is poped up a bit and start there. After the bezel is removed, look on the side of the lcd panel assembly. There will be a couple of plastic screw covers that you will have to pop out from the inside of the lcd panel pushing outwards. Then remove the screw there and the rest is self explanatory as there will be a lcd bracket on both sides of the lcd panel, once you remove this you should be able to see the connector cable.

However I suggest you should take it to some one who have done this before depending on the manufacturer methods of getting in to the LCD connector might differ.

good luck !

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I wish you can find a remedy

by Onkel Gunnar In reply to LCD Connection.


I'd like to state a rule - no liquids within one yard from the keyboard.

2 If yiu bring coffy newertheless - take it black - no ssugar no milk.

3 do'nt bring cola - contains lots of sugar and phosforic acid.

in your particular case, i wish you luck


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OK the damage is now done.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to spilled on laptop - HELP!

Whenever you spill any liquid on any electronic device you Must Turn it off Immediately and not turn it back on till the unit has been professionally looked at. Liquid of any type causes Short Circuits to occur and these are the death of Electronics of any description.

You can try plugging in an external monitor to see if the M'Board or the Monitor is the problem here. If the External Monitor is still dark you need a new M'Board at the very least but if it looks fine you need a new Top that contains the Monitor for your computer.


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Yes, turn off immediately, and remove any batteries!

by seanferd In reply to OK the damage is now done ...

Do not attempt to restart any wet electronic device until you are sure it is <i>completely</i> dry. If the liquid leaves any residue, it should probably be cleaned out first, most likely by a professional.

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You mean

by Dr Dij In reply to OK the damage is now done ...

don't just spray some cleaner on it

--or even better--

maybe throw it into the washer, or dishwasher? :)

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With a separate keyboard...

by Onkel Gunnar In reply to You mean

With a separate keyboard, just rinse it wiith lukewarm water and let it dry for a couple of days.

Some people even put it in washer without detergent and on low heat.

With laptop leave it to qualified service or scrap it, depending on age and depending on latest valid back-up.


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by computechdan In reply to OK the damage is now done ...

is the enemy in a spill, turn the device upside down ASAP and power it off. don't attempt to clean it right away

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Learn your lesson fast...and learn it well

by tintoman In reply to spilled on laptop - HELP!

NO liquids near computers!!!
Hands up all those who heed that warning I'VE never done that!

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Not Guilty I have never had any Liquids around computers

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Learn your lesson fast... ...

But then again I started with Main Frames in Clean Rooms so maybe I'm not Normal. :^0


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Circuit Board

by pnoykalbo In reply to spilled on laptop - HELP!

Seems that the circuit board is toasted which will costs about $600 - $800 to replace from the manufacturer. Not sure if this will be under warranty for liquid spills.

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