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Spilled water over my laptop's keyboard

By Zook99 ·
Tags: Hardware
As the title says it, I've spilled water over my keyboard. After it happened, I turned the laptop upside down and let it sit there for not even a minute (big mistake). The laptop was still on and the keyboard worked. After watching a video, I wanted to research something and noticed the keys were garbled. As such: te3st he3llo9 ho9w2 ar4e3 yo9u7. I let it sit overnight and tried removing gunk, dust and crumbs the water may have spread using a vacuum. I think it worked, as some keys started working properly. I'm 100% sure that the keyboard is completely dry and that it started malfunctioning when the water dried.

These keys seem to be connected. When I press one of them, the rest appears (not always in the same order). Writing this message was a struggle.

Would a compressed air can do the job for the rest of the keys or is there corrosion or other non-removable by air gunk?

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by Zook99 In reply to Spilled water over my lap ...

The keyboard's malfunction can sort of switch. Instead of the marked keys in the screenshot not working properly (excluding the numbers and special characters), the ones that are not marked do not function properly (t and y instead of q,w,e,r,u,i,o,p) when I lift the laptop at a 45° angle and tap its side. However, when I put it back on my desk, after some time it switches back to malfunctioning like before. I suppose that using the letters does something like spreading dust or gunk. Maybe a compressed air can will be my keyboard's saviour. Or should I give the vacuum another go before trying the compressed air can?

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Water on laptop

by jerry80 In reply to Spilled water over my lap ...

Zook99, both bottled water (except distilled) and tap water is actually mineral water and will leave residue and/or corrosion when it dries. Also mineral water contains ions and can create short circuits that can damage components if power is still applied.

You should remove the keyboard from the face of the laptop. First, take out the battery. The keyboard on most laptops is held in using either clips or screws. After you take out the keyboard, carefully remove any coverings and inspect the mainboard and other components. Use concentrated (>99%) isopropyl alcohol to clean the mainboard if you find any corrosion, residue, or water stains. If it hasn't been too long, that may save the laptop at least.

As far as the keyboard itself, is probably not salvagable. You can buy a replacement laptop keyboard for most models for less than 50 bucks.

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Try Repairs or Use External Keyboard

by Galacticus Prime In reply to Spilled water over my lap ...

I would try find a replacement part for your keyboard or, failing that, you will need to use a different keyboard when using your laptop which isn't too much of a pain if you are at home most of the time.

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Try it out

by kylestinson9009 In reply to Spilled water over my lap ...

I haven't tried doing it with a compressed air. (When this happened to my keyboard before, I just didn't use my laptop for a week then it worked fine afterwards). But I can see why compressed air could work.

And if it fails, like others said, you got no choice but to either replace the keyboard or just use an external one.

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Spilled water over my laptop's keyboard

by celmarhdawids In reply to Spilled water over my lap ...

I think it dry then you can use properly.

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by samgord In reply to Spilled water over my lap ...

Liquid is not good at all.
Even if you recover it, then it won't serve for too long.

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