Spilled wine equals no boot

By MTColl28734 ·
A guy brought a laptop into the shop yesterday. He'd spilled some wine on it and, big surprise, it won't boot. I tore it down to the motherboard and didn't see any signs of damage, aside from a whiff of wine. I removed the processor for about 10 minutes, then reassembled it. When I pressed the power button, it lit for about 2 seconds, then went out; same thing as when I first got it.

I'm obviously not too optimistic about this computer, but I'm wondering if there's anything else I can try.

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HDD may have shorted out ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Spilled wine equals no bo ...

Despite all the rumours - hard drives are not waterproof.

If the laptop BEGINS to boot then stops - chances are the hard drive is sozzled.

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Spilled wine

by mjd420nova In reply to Spilled wine equals no bo ...

Wine can be a bit problematic. It evaporates but leaves a residue behind. I would is-asemble it all again and use some all purpose cleaner in water with an acid brish to claean every thing and pay close attention to any chips that have a space between them and the board. Unmount and chips you can and clean under them. Then flush with clean water and use canned air to remove any water left behind. Next flush with electronic cleaner, the NON-residue kind and let dry for a day. Re-assemble and try again. Good luck.

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