Split a LAN network in two, three or four?

By pp02 ·
Hi. I'm helping a friends startup company. He's got a network of several xbox's, ps3's, wii's, about 12 desktops PC with a single fileserver. There are also 5 separate ADSL Modem routers coming in that the devices are configured to use.

All devices are currently on 192.168.1.XXX - we'd like to move the xbox's, wii's and ps3's and a couple of desktops to, say, 192.168.2.XXX, 192.168.3.XXX, 192.168.4.XXX but all being able to see the fileserver on 192.168.1.XXX. Is this possible with subnetting? Do I, or can I use each ADSL Modem Router to bridge the subnets?




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by Churdoo In reply to Split a LAN network in tw ...

Just need a decent router in the mix. And you may also want to consider upgrading your switch(es) and deploy VLAN's

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only if intervlan routing is enabled because that's what the subnets are

by CG IT In reply to Split a LAN network in tw ...

and if the router doesn't support intervlan routing or if that function is turned off, then no, hosts on one vlan can not talk to hosts on another vlan. :) which is why there are 4 subnets assocated with 4 vlans :)

almost forgot, that and the trunk port is configured to tag packets :)

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I did say "and" :-)

by Churdoo In reply to only if intervlan routing ...

I meant utilizing VLAN's as a means for physically distributing the infrastructure while segregating the traffic. Rather than maintaining and having to keep track of X different banks of switches to keep the networks physically separate or worse, having all of the traffic from all of those networks co-mingling on a single physical infrastructure or "collision domain."

My intention was to merely whet the appetite of the OP to cause him/her to ask for more info if he/she was interested, or o oranother poster to expand upon the subject as you have done. Thanks CG! Mission accomplished! :-)

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Depends on server

by oldbaritone In reply to Split a LAN network in tw ...

most servers can support multiple IP's. I have a similar situation, and the server is 192.168.x.2 on all of the subnets. ".2" is the server.

on the server, the IP address is configured as

and forwarding is NOT allowed.

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Not to question the assumptions here, but...

by robo_dev In reply to Split a LAN network in tw ...

Five ADSL routers?

You mean that there are five provisioned connections to the ISP?

Unless this is some sort of naughty video chat service, it would make MUCH more sense to limit the number of WAN connections to no more than two.

There are some low cost dual-wan routers that could do 99% of what you need with respect to the VLAN. Some examples include the Cisco RV042 or one of the Peplink units.

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nah, not 5 provisioned ADSL routers, only 1 provisioned

by CG IT In reply to Not to question the assum ...


one that supports multiple vlans on seperate subnets of which not all are allowed on the trunk line eg. switchport mode trunk, switchport trunk allowed vlans remove

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Sorry, must brush up on remdial reading skills

by robo_dev In reply to nah, not 5 provisioned AD ...

Five WAN connections in would be somewhat radical.

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inside knowledge

by CG IT In reply to Sorry, must brush up on r ...


the poster is simply trying to "imply" that they know about a network without coming out directly and saying they know.

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