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Split database question

By mark.silver ·
I have a split database with the linked tables set up on our server so everyone has access to them. My problem is, I need to link 2 of the tables together for a query but they have a mismatch in the design, one has number and the other has text. I want to change them both to number. I haven't yet tried to get everyone off so I can try and go in to the server with nobody on (real pain trying to keep everyone off. Will this work or will I have to change everything in a backup program and split it again? Thanks...Mark

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by The Hive In reply to Split database question

I guess the best way to to this is to create a junction table (third table) and in there you define the relationship and run the query. By the way what type of database are you using?

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by mark.silver In reply to Split database question

I'm sorry, I should have specified Microsoft Access Database.

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by The Hive In reply to Split database question

To take full advantage of your query you must establish the referential integrity of your two tables and the only way to do this is to have that common field with the same data types for the relationship to exist. The exception to this is the number and autonumber, provided the have the same field size. So I guess you need to reformat your design or do my first suggestion.

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by Quailr In reply to Split database question

I would recommend a two part solution. Testing first in a back up of your primary database. Create a new field with the appropriate numeric property in the existing table. Use an update query to convert the text field to number and place the values into the new field. Step 2 would be to modify existing queries, forms, and reports, etc. to use the new field in a new generation front end. Feed the new front end out to your users and after thourough testing delete the old text field.

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