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Spontaneous PC shutdowns

By twobrats64 ·
My HP Pavilion with WinXPHome has shuts down suddenly and without warning. More accurately, monitor shuts down and HDD light stays on, and frozen sytem can only be switched off to reboot. BIOS settings look okay, but system won't stay on long enough to run any other diagnostics. All connections seem tight, cards and memory seated well. Help!!

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by dmiles In reply to Spontaneous PC shutdowns

System shutdown could be caused by software that hsa been downloaded recently
Boot into Safe Mode and run diagnostics,scandisk,defrag
If you can you may want to restore system back to an earlier date before this problem occurred

Check the system also by running your anti virus and spyware tools

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by LiQuiDKeWL In reply to Spontaneous PC shutdowns

When the monitor goes off try pressing the power button once (not holding it down) and see if the HDD light flashes and the PC switches off (As if it was doing a manual shutdown). If this works try a different video card or even try reinstalling the current drivers for the video card you have.

If the card is faulty, it could be that the video card is sending the monitor into a power saving state prematurely.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Spontaneous PC shutdowns

Will it run if you don't start Windows?

For a start try using a Bootable Floppy or CD and see if the system continues to run correctly.
You can try a Live Linux or better still The Ultimate Boot CD from

To run some diagnostics. At least that way you can see if the problem is being caused by the hardware or Windows and then start to begin to repair the problem.


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by pedja107 In reply to Spontaneous PC shutdowns

1} Reset your BIOS.
2} Unplug PC from power supply and hold power button for 10 seconds.
3) Swap memory sticks.
This worked on HP DC7600

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