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Spontaneous System Beep

By cneale ·
We have a network with about 1000 users. Last week, 7 users from all different locations, different software, and different PC types, reported a random system beep that is loud when they click to minimize, maximize, and many other different times.

I have scanned for viruses and have removed all spyware. I wasn't able to come up with anything. We have found a way to stop the beep by making an adjustment in Device Manager, but would like to know what is causing this.

All the users that have complained at this point are internet users. Anyone else have this problem with any info?

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Sound Events

by TheChas In reply to Spontaneous System Beep

In Control Panel, check for sound events and desktop themes.

A number of desktop themes and sound schemes have annoying beeps when you change the status of the active Window.

Did these users perhaps install a Microsoft program called Speak?
This utility turns the system speaker into a quasi sound card.


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Sound Scheme

by cneale In reply to Sound Events

We did go through Control Panel and set the scheme to No Sounds. We also checked to be sure the volume for all sound was muted. The beep was still there and still quite loud.

I checked for the software Speak and in the Add / Remove Programs, there aren't any non-company software installed.

Thanks for the ideas.

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Well then

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Sound Scheme

As you have done the obvious you will have to think along different lines like for example just how old is the hardware? Some M'Boards override the internal speaker when there is a problem on the M'Board like voltages being out of what is expected as acceptable.

I recently saw a Gigabyte Dual Processor M'Board computer in for this exact reason as it was making an interment noise that was not only distracting but very off putting as well. On investigation I found that the +5 Volt rail was dropping to under 4.56 V and this was triggering the noise. After a clean out of the case and a general tidy up the problem stopped but I suppose you could always disconnect the internal speaker to prevent this from happening but first I would personally want to know what is happening so you do not destroy any hardware that could be easily fixed at little cost first.


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Same problem

by mikesmi7h In reply to Spontaneous System Beep

I have the same problem myself. Did you figure out what it was or how to fix it?

I have found that it only starts when internet explorer is opened.

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Internet Explorer Options

by eddieholman In reply to Same problem

Check your advanced settings in IE. There are settings for sounds in web pages. Of course if its beeping for all web pages you have another issue.

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Same problem also!

by ccjsa In reply to Spontaneous System Beep

I also have this problem, but it only happens on the server. Server is running W2K, and I have been trying to correct it for some time. If you do find it and/or how to fix it, would like to know how.

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