Spontanious shut-down and re-start after freeze in Win Xp.

By daviddv2 ·
I am experiencing a freeze-up and then a spontanious shutdown and re-start on a new computer running Win XP Home. I've run checks on all the hardware but everything checks out fine. Any ideas as to what else can be causing this?

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we need an error message...

by sgt_shultz In reply to Spontanious shut-down and ...

XP is preset to reboot on system error (don't thank me, thank microsoft). You need to turn off that option so the durn thing will stop on a blue screen error. then you can post the numeric error and text description and we can look it up for you. if you want to try shotgunning a solution, i'd boot into Safe Mode with Networking and perform all critical Windows updates. I'd also make sure my antivirus was updated repeatedly until it tells me I have no more updates. (non-updated Symantec Internet Security is notorious for this kind of behavior, so are many other programs, cd burner software is one that comes to mind...) I'd have a look at the mfg website for all my installed software to see if any have XP updates available. This kind of behavior often is also caused by non updated hardware drivers, start with video. See if you can pin down a reproducible set of circumstances (like, Internet browsing or printing or loading a big file). Nother likely culprit is needing BIOS updates for the motherboard and motherboard driver updates. often powermanagement bugs. nother common culprit is buggy power management so turn off power management in Control Panel and disablem PowerSaving and/or Wake on Lan on your nic for a test. HIH
post exactly what kind of computer.

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Turning of automatic reboot

by daviddv2 In reply to we need an error message. ...

How do I turn of the automatic reboot?

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XP Freeze

by the_real_whiz In reply to Spontanious shut-down and ...

I have an idea of what is wrong. But, first I need to run some exercises to be sure. It may be awhile. But I will get back to you.

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