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spool32 error

By mansoor_warwani ·
whats the reason of spool32 error when i give a print in ms-excel(ms-office 2000) then error occured(spool32 error) this error only occured in ms-excel
please give me a perfect solution of this problem
thank you

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by Kozmo In reply to spool32 error

change the printer to print directly to the printer instead of spooling. go to properties of the printer and there is a spool button in one of the tabs.

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by mansoor_warwani In reply to

Thank You sir
you did helped me

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by dmiller In reply to spool32 error

There is no PERFECT soultion for this problem. It will require some troubleshooting on your end. You mention nothing about your OS or printer type but here is some info that may help:

Spool 32 is a program that started with the Windows 95 operating system. The program works with your printer to simplify the printing process. It moves your printed output to your hard drive, called spooling, and then from your hard drive to your printer once your printer is available.
The CPU (computer processor) works much faster than the printer, so spooling allows you to free up the CPU to work on other tasks. This is called multi-tasking. The CPU will periodically (every few nanoseconds) check if the printer is available and will send another printed page to the printer for conversion to hard copy.
If your message looks similar to Spool32 error in Spool32.exe, then your Spool32 program has become corrupt. You?ll have to reinstall the Spool32.exe program from your installation disks. It should be located on Disk 7 of 14 in cab file 41.
You can reference the Microsoft site: http: // articles/q188/4/34.asp&NoWebContent1.
You can copy the file from your installation disk to the location of the Spool32.exe file. On my computer it is located in the Windows/System directory.
If this doesn?t solve the problem, you may have a hard drive maintenance problem. Since the Spool program uses your hard drive to spool the printed pages, it may have problems finding enough available space to properly operate the Spool32 program. Run a Scandisk and Disk Defragmenter to determine if this is your problem

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by mansoor_warwani In reply to
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by pierrejamme In reply to spool32 error

This is a known printing problem with Win9x. You can eliminate it by using the spoolss.dll file from ME. This how ever will stop you from doing Windows Update until the original is restored.
You should use SFC to install the new dll, or when reverting to the original.

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by mansoor_warwani In reply to
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by csmith In reply to spool32 error

There are quite a few bugs in Spool32, that cause various problems, with various programs, and with various printer drivers.
If updating it will not fix the problem, turn it off.

Regards, Chris

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by mansoor_warwani In reply to
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by mansoor_warwani In reply to spool32 error

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