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spool.32 problems

By gvick ·
I recently installed a new printer, Epson Stylus C62 but kept my old Epson Stylus 680. Soon after, I started receiving an error message when I started my computer, just before the printer icon was due to appear, saying "spool32 caused an invalid page fault in module SPOOL32.EXE at 0167:00402015"... Then the computer hangs. It does not happen every time but very often. I removed both printers and installed only the new one again but it didn't help. I have Windows 98, by the way.

What can I do?

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Unistall not Remove

by razz2 In reply to spool.32 problems

First how's the hard drive space? Spooling requires
drive space. If it is low....errors. Second, have you tried
to download the VERY LATEST drivers for your OS?
Third, are you using a switchbox or USB? Try setting
the printer properties spool setting to print directtly to
the printer, or to print "after the last page is spooled".
Did that work? Then If you just deleted the printers then
some driver files will be left behind. I would (manually if
needed) remove ALL epson driver files, registry entries
and folders. Then reinstall. Before that though,
Microsoft would have you do a clean boot and rule out
conflicts. While that is valid, It is faster to delete and
start over. However if the issue is a conflict then it will
happen again.

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Spool 32 Problems

by dmorgan9 In reply to Unistall not Remove

I have found that even though that most companys are in such arush to get items to market beore they are ready. BE SURE that you go to EPSON and download the latest drivers and that should take care of your problem.

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spool.32 promblems

by jackyopensrc In reply to spool.32 problems

Have you installed Anti-Virus Application!
I recommend you to install one!

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Latest patches and enough RAM

by asbjorn.alveberg In reply to spool.32 problems

Be sure you have the latest patches for your network drivers and printer drivers.

RAM might also be a problem, try to note when this occurs. I have experienced that some apps take a lot of memory, but still works if you load them last. So both which apps loaded and in what sequence may be interesting to monitor.

Microsoft recomends printing directly to port.I am not sure but think these are the choices in English: Properties-Details-Print Directly to Port.

Microsoft also recomends loading spool32.exe via registry it has helped us. Try entering the text within the parentheses into registry after performing a backup of it:(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run]
"Load spool32"="spool32.Exe")

Good luck!

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