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Spooler Problem!

By KahunaNui ·
Replaced old HP 2000C DJ printer with new HP DJ 1100d. Using it attached to a NT4 system as a print server. When printing from a Win2000 Pro client, we noticed that after printing, the system takes about a minute to shutdown or restart and generates an Event ID 1000 from Source "Userenv" as follows:

"Windows cannot unload your registry class file. If you have a roaming profile, your settings are not replicated. Contact your administrator.

DETAIL Access is denied. , Build number ((2195))."

We've seen numerous references to this error in forums. We've also found that by STOPPING the SPOOLER service on this W2K client allows us to shutdown/restart immediately without this error.

We further found that if we simply STOP and then START the spooler service that we can then immediately shutdown / restart. So we've set up a little BATCH FILE to do this manually.

Can anyone let us know how we can remedy this or do we have to stop/start the spooler service manually every time we use this printer on that client? If we don't use this printer from the client, we don't have the problem. It's only AFTER we initiate a print job with this printer of any kind that we have the problem. We don't have this problem with any of our OTHER PRINTERS on that server, only with the 1100d.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Spooler Problem!

check this out, snipped from, (well worth the pittance they charge to subscribe)
I had this issue on my Win2K SP3 machine, as soon as Q32**70 security patch was applied. Instead of uninstalling the patch, I replaced SPOOLSV.EXE with SP4's version (5.00.2195.6659) and this fixed the problem. There appears to be a second SPOOLSV.EXE issue, related to another security patch (for Terminal Services), and yet another SPOOLSV.EXE hotfix was released by Microsoft to address this. See Q828153 for more details. Note that the often-repeated suggestion to change the registry retry count from 60 to 5 is not a fix, it just hides the problem

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

<more from snip>
I found that if i disabled the spooler service the problem did in fact go away, but obviously this is not a viable solution for most networks. I later came across Q327984 which showed this being a known problem for W2K SP3 as well, but that the fix was to be only for those who have this specific problem and could be obtained by contacting support for the fix. On a whim, I checked the versions of the files on my system, which the article mentioned as being in need of an update, and found them all to be later versions than the mentioned versions. I sorted the winnt/system32 folder by "modified date" and found all of the files in question as modified on 11/01/02, which was also later than the date mentioned in the article. The thing that really caught my eye was that directly above this "group" of files was another "group" with a modified date of 11/01/02 but 5 hours later. This group contained non-other than than the userenv.dll. Turns out I had done a Windows update on 12/19/02 which included both Q328310 (related to a profile security flaw) and Q32**70 (related to copying files from an xp client to a win2k server). This was also the date that the problem began showing up in event viewer. Windows update installation history, showed Q328310 as being installed after Q32**70, so I decided since it was probably a good idea to reinstall these, perhaps installment order was a factor. I uninstalled them in reverse order of installment (as to backout the changes that were put in on top of one another) and reinstalled them, this time in sequential order per Q number. While the order may have nothing to do with it, I will note that the event viewer shows a Userenv 1000 for the reboot after uninstalling Q328310, another 1000 for the reboot after unistalling Q32**70, but then a clean reboot after installing Q328310 and a clean reboot after installing Q32**70, and no more userenv 1000s since.

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by KahunaNui In reply to

Aloha Sarge and we thank you for your response. Yes, I've been with "" for some time now and read all about this. Going to SP4 for this mission critical system is out of the question (for now) and since the "fixes" forces us to go directly to MS (can be worse than pullin teeth), I've ended up creating various versions of a little Script that will Stop/Start the Spooler service and alternately, Shutdown/Restart the system. It's only a work around, but since we are only having this problem with the HP printer, we thought this was the simplest.

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by KahunaNui In reply to Spooler Problem!

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